Continuing Education, Innovation and Awareness

At Live & Breathe Pilates we are all firm believers that there is always more to learn about the human body and movement.

Our instructors’ respective Pilates certification programs require each of us to attend continuing education workshops annually to ensure we have up to date information and new exercise repertoire to offer our clients.

However we all study outside these programs as well, to enhance our understanding of anatomy and movement so we can better teach our clients. And part of that teaching process is to ensure our clients understand the how and the why of the movements that we teach them. After all, if they can only do Pilates in the studio, we’re not doing our jobs right! Continue reading

Foam Roller Release for Runners

In this 90 minute Foam Roller Release for Runners workshop, we will run through (‘scuse the pun) lots of ways to help runners release tight muscles in their legs and upper back. We will also show you lots of ways you can help your body be more comfortable with your running and how to help you stay injury free.
Foam Roller for Runners

Photo: Scott Draper

We use foam rollers a lot in the studio to help release tight muscles but also to challenge your Pilates exercises.

Also open to anyone who wants to know how to get the best out of their foam roller for their home practice.
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Pilates for Runners Workshop June 2014

In this 90 minute workshop we will show you what good posture looks like and how it feels. We will help you to release tight muscles and teach you specific Pilates exercises to strengthen your core and to balance the muscles around the hips and legs.

dreamstime_xs_29440219-300x163A strong core can improve your posture, running technique, balance and stability. Pilates helps to develop a strong core by supporting and strengthening the muscles of the back, hips shoulders and pelvis.

Price: €25 per person. Pre-registration is required.
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Rebecca Leone July 2014

Rebecca Leone returns to our studio in Dublin from the 4th – 6th of July 2014. She is available for Developmental Privates and is also teaching Masterclasses and Workshops during her visit. We can’t wait!!! If you have not been to a Workshop or Masterclass with Rebecca you’re seriously missing out.

Rebecca is running two workshops on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of July, 2014 10:00 – 17:00 each day and she is teaching two Masterclasses on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th 18:00 – 19:30 that are open to everyone too!

Enter our competition to win a pass to one of the Masterclasses using the form below.

Winners will be picked at random on Thursday 3rd of July 2014 – so get clicking so get your pass to a safe spine / strength based Pilates workout.
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Pilates for Cyclists

The Giro D’Italia will be in Dublin on Sunday 11th of May, and to celebrate we’re running a Pilates workshop specifically aimed at cyclists. Pilates can help loosen tight backs, necks and shoulders, teach you how to use your core to power your pedals and will help you be less prone to injury. This 90 minute workshop is €25 and is open to all levels – from weekend road warriors, to commuters, to the elite athlete. Let us show you how Pilates can extend your hours in the saddle – book your place now. To further assist in releasing tight muscles, everyone attending gets entered in a draw to win a one hour sports massage with Sports & Orthapaedic Massage Therapy

Anthony Lett – Innovations in Pilates

We are delighted to announce we will be welcoming Anthony Lett and Innovations in Pilates to our studio in Dublin on Saturday / Sunday 8th Innovations in Pilatesand 9th of March 2014. This course is suitable for Instructors only.

Many of the exercises in the Innovations repertoire can be recognised as adaptations of the original Pilates work, with the integration of what are known as “neuromuscular techniques” such as “PNF,” “MET” or “Contract/Relax” stretching methods. The integration of these practices makes for far greater increases in range of movement than the traditional work. Innovations in Pilates can be used for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, performance enhancement and as a regular activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle including the effective management of stress.
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90 Minute Blitz

BlitzOur signature 90 Minute Blitzes are a serious workout.

Each class is designed to get you fitter, stronger and more flexible. Every muscle group in the body is lengthened, toned and strengthened using the Pilates repertoire.

We offer a range of different themed Blitzes, from mixed Mat and Reformer sessions to Matwork and small equipment.

Follow us on social media to get more info on when our next Blitzes are on. Cost is €25 per person and you must book your place in advance.

Book Blitz Now

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Irish Osteoporosis Society Info Morning and Fundraiser

IOS LogoOn Saturday 9th of November from 11:00 – 13:00 we are holding an information morning with the Irish Osteoporosis Society (IOS). Cost is €25 per person which also gives you membership to the IOS or €10 without membership and all the proceeds will go directly to the charity. The IOS have received no government funding in the past two years and so all support is greatly appreciated.
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Workshops 2013

On Saturday 19th of October we will be running PropapaloozaFest.  

This will be a mixed level mat  a 90 Minute workshop, with lots of props such as foam rollers, fitness circles, bands and spiky balls to challenge the body and kick your Saturday morning off with a bang.

All proceeds go directly to the Irish Osteoporosis Society. If you’d like to join us, please book your place with us by email as soon as possible. Continue reading

Rebecca Leone May 2013

We are delighted to announce that Rebecca Leone will be back with us in Dublin from the 9th – 12th of May 2013.

We have 3 workshops from Friday May 10th to Sunday May 12th, 2013 and we are running Masterclasses on Thurs / Fri / Sat  that are open to everyone too! More details on these below.
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