Keep Moving

As I walked past St Kevin’s Park today I was struck today Spineby how much effort there is in taking up autumn leaves and managing gardens through the seasons. I watched the workers rake up huge mounds of leaves, before they loaded them into giant containers to be taken away to the compost heap. It’s really strenuous work – lots of bending over, lifting and twisting – and all under load too. Continue reading

Anthony Lett – Innovations in Pilates

We are delighted to announce we will be welcoming Anthony Lett and Innovations in Pilates to our studio in Dublin on Saturday / Sunday 8th Innovations in Pilatesand 9th of March 2014. This course is suitable for Instructors only.

Many of the exercises in the Innovations repertoire can be recognised as adaptations of the original Pilates work, with the integration of what are known as “neuromuscular techniques” such as “PNF,” “MET” or “Contract/Relax” stretching methods. The integration of these practices makes for far greater increases in range of movement than the traditional work. Innovations in Pilates can be used for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, performance enhancement and as a regular activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle including the effective management of stress.
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