Your Teachers

  • Steph Grey

    Steph Grey started teaching in 2005 and set up Live & Breathe Pilates in 2008. In 2012 she opened the Live & Breathe Pilates studio on Camden Row so she could pass on her passion of Pilates to her clients as well as other instructors. She is passionate about mindful movement and instilling a better awareness of the body and how it should function optimally with her clients. She offers Pilates and movement classes for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced clients as well as equipment based classes using Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels and other Pilates equipment in our studio. Steph is also a mentor for BASI Pilates students completing their Matwork and Comprehensive Teacher Training Programs.

    Steph Grey

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    Steph’s Qualifications

    Steph certified initially with STOTT Pilates in 2005 after first trying Pilates herself back in 1999 and being totally hooked. Subsequently she has taught thousands of hours of classes to all levels of clients and has taken a second comprehensive teacher training certification with BASI Pilates. She is passionate about continuing education and regularly attends courses and workshops to keep her skills up to date. Steph has a special interest in working with clients recovering from injury and uses Pilates and movement as a tool to rebuild confidence and strength with her clients, to enable them to do the things they want to do.

      Certifications include :-

    • STOTT Pilates Level 2 Full Certification
    • BASI Pilates Comprehensive Certification
    • Prenatal & Postnatal Pilates Exercise Specialist
    • Osteoporosis Exercise Specialist
    • Breast Cancer Rehab Exercise Specialist
    • Hypermobility Exercise Specialist
    • Women’s Health Exercise Specialist
    • Pilates for Scoliosis
    • BASI Pilates – Pilates for Injuries & Pathologies
    • STOTT Pilates – Pilates for Injuries & Special Populations
    • Anatomy Trains in Motion
    • PowerFingers Master Instructor
    • NLP Practitioner
    • Pilates & Exercise for MS and Neurological Conditions Specialist
    • Cadaver Anatomy Workshops, Keele University & Cambridge University
    • Explain Pain – NOI Group
    • Slings Myofascial Training

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  • Katrin Neue

    Katrin is a qualified Pilates instructor for Mat and Equipment, and is a Somatic Educator. She also is a qualified dance teacher and holds a MA in Dance Performance. Dancing since the age of 5 and taking a first certifying course in 2000 to teach dance, she gradually expanded her knowledge in movement in Germany, UK and Ireland; since moving to Ireland in 2009 most influenced by Dr. Mary Nunan (IRE, dance), Rebecca Leone (USA, Pilates) and Martha Peterson (USA, Somatic Movement). In 2014, she certified as a Somatic Exercise Coach and since February 2015 is training as a Clinical Somatic Educator under Martha Peterson in England.

    Her focus lies on natural, well-controlled movement without pain and her Mat classes often feature some Somatic Movement refining a deep body awareness and releasing habitual tensions to be able to move freely.

    Katrin teaches Pilates, Barre and Somatics both in groups and in private sessions.

    Katrin Neue

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    Katrin is also a Somatic Exercise Coach (neuro-muscular movement education for pain-free mobility based on Hanna Somatics). Dancing since the age of five, her love for movement and teaching led to a first teaching certification in 2000, followed by a degree in Dance and Dance Education, and an MA in Dance Performance with first class honours. She teaches everyone from 3 to 85 years old to move and dance efficiently and to maintain a joyful spring in each step.

    Having a professional dance background, Katrin teaches her group and private classes with special attention to good alignment and control from the inside out to help beginners building a better awareness of their bodies, and likes to challenge the more advanced students with precise coordination and stamina. Katrin is a Pink Ribbon Program Certified instructor for Breast Cancer Rehab.

    Katrin is a native German speaker.

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  • Louise Carey

    Louise’s love affair with Pilates started over 10 years ago when she first started practicing while living in South America.

    Louise qualified as a Pilates Mat Instructor in 2014 with an Advanced Diploma in Pilates Matwork from the National Training Centre. This was just the start of a lifelong journey in learning in movement, and she has since completed a Comprehensive Teacher Training programme with BASI Pilates, covering the full line of Pilates apparatus – Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs and Barrels.

    Louise Carey

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    Louise prides herself in making Pilates accessible to everyone, regardless of age or previous experience with exercise and loves to see people becoming increasingly aware of how they can move their bodies in the most efficient manner. She encourages her students to take control of their own practice using descriptive cues to ensure that every student is comfortable that they are performing the movements correctly. Flow is important but in Louise’s classes, it’s always quality over quantity. Don’t let this fool you into thinking it will be an easy class however – quality is not easy to achieve and even the more experienced practitioners will leave with the feeling of having worked hard.And of course, because this is her students ‘time out’, and she understands first-hand the importance of time away from the pressures of work and family life, there are often some giggles along the way!

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  • Laurie Schneider

    Laurie became aware of the benefits of Pilates through her dance training. She received a Diploma in Professional Dance Training from the college of Dance, Dublin, then going on to continue her studies BA (hon) Dance at the university of Northumbria, in the UK. After graduating Laurie returned to Dublin and continued to train. She is a fully certified Stott Pilates instructor, Xtend Barre instructor, and is a certified Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Instructor.

    Louise Carey

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    Laurie has worked with a wide variety of clients, of all ages, those in need of injury rehabilitation to high performance athletes. Laurie is most known for her friendly approach with clients, welcoming them into an environment where they feel comfortable and at ease. “As with any technique it’s not the tools you are given but how you use them. Every single person that steps in to my class is a true original and it gives me great delight to see this in how they move. My job as their instructor is to allow them to find the best and most functional way in which to move not just in class but in their everyday life”.A professional dancer, dance teacher and choreographer for over 12 years Laurie has performed with expanDance, Coisceim, Irish Modern Dance Theatre, Opera Ireland and Citog amongst others. Laurie is also a mom to three wonderful children so she can also add doctor, chef, counsellor, tutor, taxi driver and cleaner to the lists of things she has to be on any given day!

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  • Thérese Meaney

    Thérese began her Pilates journey about 25 years ago as a natural progression from her work as a body therapist and fitness instructor. She was immediately drawn to it, feeling first-hand, how it brought more awareness to her body and her alignment. She noticed she also gained greater flexibility and strength. She loved how it complemented not only her fitness training but her entire life and knew it was a necessity for her well-being.

    Thérese Meaney

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    She first qualified with the NTC (2012) in mat Pilates and has since retrained with BASI completing the full apparatus training on all equipment on their Comprehensive Teacher Training program. In her career she has worked with a wide variety of clients from very young to old with various health issues. She has trained high performance athletes, pre and post rehabilitation clients and lots of new mums.Seeing anatomically how we can all look the same but yet are so different has brought exciting learning challenges and an even greater passion of how Pilates benefits each of us. She loves to learn and anticipates she will be the eternal student.

    ‘Pilates is a personal journey to each person that I work with and my job as an instructor is to tailor and address each individual need of my clients’

    Outside of Pilates Therese is also a Yin Yoga Instructor. She also has an ITEC and BTEC Diploma in Nutrition with the Irish Institute of Nutrition of Health, ITEC in Anatomy and Physiology and is a certified NCEF Fitness Instructor.

  • Margo Hough

    Margo began her training as a Pilates teacher in 2012 soon after she realised that Pilates could help her heal chronic injuries and strengthen in ways she had never been able to before. As a teacher Margo works with her clients to bring focus to the body’s movements and reflexes so that it functions better.

    She utilises Pilates to help people make lasting changes that will increase their flexibility, balance and agility and help to prevent injury. She holds certifications from Balanced Body and from Corrective Integrative Neuro-Kinetics.

    Margo Hough

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    Margo is a lifelong athlete having spent most of her time while growing up outside Washington, D.C. playing basketball, tennis and golf she now enjoys playing Gaelic Football as well.

    Margo teaches both group and private sessions across all equipment.

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  • Cáit Healy

    Cáit first discovered Pilates in 2007 and since then has loved how it continues to help improve her well being.

    A long term client of Live & Breathe Pilates, Cáit is a BASI Pilates certified teacher and continues her movement education with other educators such as Anatomy Trains and art of motion.

    Cáit believes that Pilates is for everyone and that it is never too late to make it part of life.

    Cait Healy

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    Having spent many years at a desk bound job herself, she has found that Pilates can bring mindful, functional and conscious movement to anyone’s life, helping them improve vitality and move with ease. 

    Cáit teaches both group and private sessions in the studio and continues to study with BASI Pilates.

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  • Liz O’Donnell

    From a young age Liz has been fascinated with movement and how the body works. In 2015 she left Ireland to study physiotherapy in England. Unfortunately, life threw a hurdle her way and she fell extremely ill with meningitis. In hospital for almost a month and bed bound for a long time afterwards, Physiotherapy had to take a back step. Months later, she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which is an autoimmune disease defined by widespread chronic musculoskeletal pain.

    Liz O’Donnell

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    Almost immediately after being diagnosed, she decided that this illness would not define her as a person. Still really weak and in a lot of pain, she turned to Pilates, yoga and an extremely healthy diet. This was a life changing decision. Slowly, she returned to being able to get through a full day without having to have three naps and being totally wiped out from pain and fatigue.

    The following year, Liz wanted to return to ’normal’ life and went on to complete a Level 4 Health and Fitness course in University College Dublin as well as a Pilates Matwork qualification. Through this her journey to becoming a devoted Pilates teacher began. She has since spent the previous few years teaching Reformer Pilates and completed the Polestar Gateway Course. Liz is also continuing her studies and is currently undertaking the BASI Pilates Comprehensive Program in the studio.

    Everyday, Liz is faced with the challenge of looking healthy and happy from the outside but on the inside it can be a very different story. Through this, Liz can relate to others going through a similar experience and has learned how important health is. She strives to help people improve their quality of life through Pilates and movement. Today she is living in a dream by earning a living for something that she is so passionate about.

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