Your Teachers

    • Steph Grey

      I started teaching Pilates in 2005 and after many years double jobbing in both the Pilates and IT worlds, I founded Live & Breathe Pilates in 2008. I finally took the plunge into full time teaching in 2012 when I opened the Live & Breathe Pilates studio on Camden Row where I continue to pass on my passion about Pilates to my clients as well as other teachers.

      I’ve a special interest in working with clients recovering from injury or suffering from chronic conditions and I use Pilates and movement as a tool to rebuild confidence and strength with my clients, to enable them to continue to do the things they want to do.

      As faculty for BASI Pilates, I am also a mentor for Pilates teachers in training and provide ongoing movement classes and workshops for teachers. As a mentor, imparting evidence based knowledge to the next generation of teachers has many rewards as I see our Pilates community grow in Ireland and beyond.

      I am also proud to hold a Slings Myofascial Training Teacher Advanced Level Diploma with art of motion academy.

      Steph Grey

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      Steph’s Qualifications

      I have presented at international conference as well as teaching regular workshops and courses for teachers from around the world.

      Integrity is central to everything I do and I’m an empathetic listener and excellent communicator.

      I love to learn and can consistently be found nerding out on anatomy, fascia and movement and talking the ear off anyone who’ll listen about the never ending connections between mind and body.
      Certifications include :-

      • STOTT Pilates Level 2 Full Certification
      • BASI Pilates Comprehensive Certification
      • BASI Pilates Mentor Program
      • BASI Pilates Faculty
      • Prenatal & Postnatal Pilates Exercise Specialist
      • Osteoporosis Exercise Specialist
      • Breast Cancer Rehab Exercise Specialist incl Pink Ribbon Program
      • Hypermobility Exercise Specialist
      • Women’s Health Exercise Specialist – Pre & PostNatal
      • Pilates for Scoliosis
      • BASI Pilates – Pilates for Injuries & Pathologies
      • STOTT Pilates – Pilates for Injuries & Special Populations
      • Anatomy Trains in Motion
      • PowerFingers Master Instructor
      • NLP Practitioner
      • Pilates & Exercise for MS and Neurological Conditions Specialist
      • Cadaver Anatomy Workshops, Keele University & Cambridge University
      • Explain Pain – NOI Group
      • Madeline Black Method
      • Wendy LeBlanc Arbuckle – Immersive Program
      • Slings Myofascial Training Teacher Advanced Level Diploma

      I also continue to study with Karin Gurtner, Madeline Black, Wendy LeBlanc Arbuckle and Rael Isacowitz.
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    • Katrin Neue

      Katrin first came to Pilates in 2004 through her extensive dance and dance education training in Germany and Ireland, and started teaching after her initial training with Susan Church in 2012.
      Since then, she has expanded her practice from dance and Pilates to Somatic Education, certifying as a Hanna Somatic Exercise Coach in 2014 and as a Clinical Somatic Educator in 2017. Her focus lies on natural, well-controlled movement without pain and her Mat classes often feature some Somatic Movement refining a deep body awareness and releasing habitual tensions to be able to move freely.
      Katrin teaches Pilates, Barre and Somatics both in groups and in private sessions.

      Katrin Neue

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      Katrin is faculty member (Senior Mentor) of Essential Somatics, teaching on the international ES Movement Teacher training, and is registered as a professional member of the International Somatic Movement and Therapy Association ISMETA. She also has completed her training with Patrick McKeown to become a certified Buteyko Method practitioner and dive deeper into techniques for better breathing. Her classes at Live & Breathe often feature a short somatic warm up und playful challenges for balance and efficient coordination. Katrin is a native German speaker.
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    • Thérese Meaney

      Thérese began her Pilates journey about 25 years ago as a natural progression from her work as a body therapist and fitness instructor. She was immediately drawn to it, feeling first-hand, how it brought more awareness to her body and her alignment. She noticed she also gained greater flexibility and strength. She loved how it complemented not only her fitness training but her entire life and knew it was a necessity for her well-being.

      Thérese Meaney

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      She first qualified with the NTC (2012) in mat Pilates and has since retrained with BASI completing the full apparatus training on all equipment on their Comprehensive Teacher Training program. In her career she has worked with a wide variety of clients from very young to old with various health issues. She has trained high performance athletes, pre and post rehabilitation clients and lots of new mums.Seeing anatomically how we can all look the same but yet are so different has brought exciting learning challenges and an even greater passion of how Pilates benefits each of us. She loves to learn and anticipates she will be the eternal student.

      ‘Pilates is a personal journey to each person that I work with and my job as an instructor is to tailor and address each individual need of my clients’

      Outside of Pilates Therese is also a Yin Yoga Instructor. She also has an ITEC and BTEC Diploma in Nutrition with the Irish Institute of Nutrition of Health, ITEC in Anatomy and Physiology and is a certified NCEF Fitness Instructor.

    • Margo Hough

      Margo began her training as a Pilates teacher in 2012 soon after she realised that Pilates could help her heal chronic injuries and strengthen in ways she had never been able to before. As a teacher Margo works with her clients to bring focus to the body’s movements and reflexes so that it functions better.

      She utilises Pilates to help people make lasting changes that will increase their flexibility, balance and agility and help to prevent injury. She holds certifications from Balanced Body and from Corrective Integrative Neuro-Kinetics.

      Margo Hough

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      Margo is a lifelong athlete having spent most of her time while growing up outside Washington, D.C. playing basketball, tennis and golf she now enjoys playing Gaelic Football as well.

      Margo teaches both group and private sessions.

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    • Cáit Healy

      Cáit first discovered Pilates in 2007 and always loved how it helped improved her well being.
      She believed that Pilates is for everyone and that it is never too late to make it part of your day. She extolled the virtues of Pilates to all and was a kind and generous teacher. Cáit died in October 2022 and is sorely missed by all of us in the studio and her many clients.

      Cait Healy

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      Cáit taught both group and private sessions in the studio. Since her death, we have been inundated with good wishes and stories from clients of how she helped them, even while undergoing cancer treatment herself. She was generous always with her time and knowledge and was a good friend as well as a colleague to us all. She will always be with us in spirit in the studio.

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    • Rachel Hollywood

      Having always had an interest in health and fitness Rachel’s love of Pilates goes back many years, having discovered it whilst pregnant with her first child. Rachel loved the way Pilates felt in her body and how it helped to correct the misalignment in her spine as a result of carrying around a heavy baby bump.

      Rachel contiunes to split her careers between banking and her passion for Pilates.

      Rachel Hollywood

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      Rachel is a qualified BASI Pilates Comprehensive Teacher. Through BASI Pilates Rachel has also completed further education including;

      • Pilates for Osteoporosis
      • Pilates for the Mature Client
      • Pilates for Children
      • Pilates for Scoliosis
      • Pilates for Injuries & Pathologies
      • Pink Ribbon Program for breast cancer recovery
      • Infant Massage and many others too

      Rachel prides herself on making her classes fun as well as educational and is passionate about sharing the knowledge she has learned to enable clients to have improved body awareness allowing them to integrate Pilates principles into their everyday lives.

      Rachel currently teaches group and one to one classes and intends to further her study of Pilates for many years to come. Originally from Wales, Rachel now lives in Dublin with her husband two children and their dog. Having started her Pilates training at Live & Breathe, Rachel is delighted and honoured to be back in the studio, this time as a teacher.

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    • Tamara Orto

      Tamara is from small island off the coast of Italy and trained as a professional contemporary dancer in Florence.
      She started teaching dance at 22 years old and it has found it a great way to build her confidence overall.
      For her own continuing research into human movement, in 2019 Tamara branched out into the world of Pilates and certified as a Polestar Pilates Matwork Instructor in Rome. She continues to teach dance as well as teaching Pilates.

      Tamara Orto

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      Now resident in Dublin, her next challenge is to go deeper into her English language practice, explore different cultures and learn more about the amazing Pilates Method.
      No matter where she is, she is really interested in any kind of new experience. Her motto is never give up.

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    • Alex Conlon

      Alex is ogiginally from Dublin and is a trained actor and certified BASI Pilates Comprehensive Teacher. Having always been active in sport since she was a child and into her adulthood, it was 2017 when she discovered Pilates due to a personal injury.
      She quickly fell in love with the practice and could see the profound impact it had on people’s rehabilitation, recovery and overall well being.

      Alex Conlon

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      When the Pandemic hit in 2020, Alex decided to explore her other passion and trained as a Pilates Teacher with BASI Pilates UK Comprehensive Program and hasn’t looked back. She has a keen interest in injuries & pathologies as well as creative & athletic movement, enjoying both the rehabilitation aspects of the work as well as the challenge and fun that can be found. She is an avid learner and am passionate about working in community with other people.
    • Ann Sheehy

      Ann trained as an actor and singer in New York City and at Trinity Rep Conservatory in Providence, Rhode Island. At the Conservatory she studied Alexander Technique, Dance and Movement, where she became particularly interested in the expressive capacities of the human body, as well as the range of practices used to cultivate them.
      Having moved to Dublin with her husband and given birth to two children, she found within herself a desire not only to work on her own body, mind and spirit, but to help other women work on theirs in a supportive, communal environment away from the competitive gym culture popular at the time. Ann found Pilates to have the spirit of guided self-realisation she sought in that it was based on coming to know your body and what it tells you. .

      Ann Sheehy

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      She studied with Abbe Harris, who encouraged her to become an instructor, while also introducing her to Feldenkrais. Ann went on to train with Stott Pilates in Mat and Reformer, working with Dani Gonzales. For the past several years she have practiced with us at Live & Breathe Pilates.

      Along the way she have tried to expand her array of mind-body approaches, becoming, for example, an instructor of the Miracle Ball Method, a somatic practice and completing Liz Koch’s PSOAS Application Course. Ann has also taken courses with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, of Body Mind Centering; Martha Peterson, Essential Somatics; and David Zemach-Bersin and Marek Wyszynski Physical Therapy and Feldenkrais NYC.

    • Maider Arrausi

      Maider started practicing Pilates and yoga back in 2010 and soon both practices became central to her life.
      Through Pilates she found a stronger physical and psychological core, a sense of personal strength and mastery.
      After years of practice, she trained to become a teacher, initially in Mat Pilates and then in a short Reformer course. She has subsequently gone on to further her studies with the BASI Pilates Comprehensive Program.

      Maider Arrausi

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      Maider is a qualified Mat and Reformer Teacher and continues her studies with BASI Pilates.
      Maider is fascinated about the subtle changes Pilates can bring to our daily activities such as cycling, walking, standing and yoga.
      Moving and breathing well can shape how we hold the everyday conversations of life.
      Community, connection and presence in movement are things she believes in.

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