“I was this weekend with Steph and Cait visiting them @liveandbreathepilates and did a mat class, wonderful as usual. My experience with Steph and her studio was life changing. I did over 150 classes in the last 2 years @liveandbreathepilates Best investment of my life I have scoliosis a condition which can be very challenging at times. But with Pilates I learnt to manage my back in a new healthy and more independent way and I learnt so many techniques with Steph and her team. They teach medical grade Pilates, for people that usually have injuries or limitations, young and healthy people, athletes or anybody really! Pilates gave me back so much, I really have no words to say thanks to you guys. I will soon find a studio here in Girona to keep the good work. Be very blessed and even more sucessful with your joyful, kind, highly technica, and effective teachings. Thanks also to @somadublin and her lovely classes, Therese, Louise and Laurie” Ana K, April 2019

“Steph is an excellent teacher, she is always positive and encouraging and able to adapt her sessions to the needs of the individual.
Her patience is vital for the slow learners like myself and she continually seeks feedback so that the lesson is tailored as she goes along to my current needs. I love the classes and find her totally committed to her craft-as is the studio!
A gem in Dublin 8.” Monica H, March 2019

“I started doing Pilates around four years ago and discovered Live & Breathe around six months into my journey.
In the beginning, I did one class a week (mat only) but found that my strength wasn’t improving. I then started going two or three times a week and this is when I noticed the difference – within weeks of starting to go twice a week my core strength increased exponentially and my range of movement also increased. These days to keep things mixed up I try to go to Barre with Katrin (great class) once a week and do at least one of mat or reformer Pilates (usually reformer with Louise – great class also!). When I miss these classes my body notices (not in a good way) and when I do extra classes it and I feel amazing!
I have tried different studios in the past but have not found the same experience nor value. At Live & Breathe the calibre and quality of instructors is consistently excellent, classes are always great and instructors will focus on areas where clients/I request spending additional time, the studio is also amazing and feels like stepping into a retreat from the world. The small classes and one to one attention also make this studio a firm favourite!
Keep up the great work to all the team there” Sara C, January 2019

“Just wanted to drop you a note as I had the most wonderful class with Margo yesterday.
She taught and inspired me so much during 45 minutes that I couldn’t work out afterwards how she fitted it all in excepting that it was beautifully calm focus.
Not only that but I was so energised that I almost levitated for at least an hour afterwards.” Leszek W, October 2018

“Some 5 years ago, when my physiotherapist advised me to take up Pilates to improve my flexibility and maintain mobility, she recommended Steph Grey at Live & Breathe. Ever since I have looked forward to my weekly session of “Fit for Life” where I have been surprised to discover muscles I never knew existed and have met some delightful classmates. Truly Live & Breathe Pilates has enriched my life.” Peter L, October 2018

“I started doing Pilates as a recommendation of my osteopath clinician. I have childhood scoliosis which requires constant maintenance and exercise. Usual routine exercise and gym classes do not suit me as a always end up having pain because of my back. I started attending classes with Live & Breathe in 2016 and since then, my life changed for the best. I reclaimed my exercise independence, I did not have to attend physio and osteopath sessions so often anymore and I gained control of my back and body back. I am such a happier person, my scoliosis condition is now more of a feature of my body than a burden, I feel with Pilates I can be healthy again. I have no words of gratitude for Steph and her team. After over 100 classes fear of back pain has vanished from my life. And what a posture I gained. Thank you!” Ana C, April 2018

“Just dropping you a line with some feedback on James’ class yesterday. Frankly, it was just super – the slightly slower pace meant I could really focus on alignment and flow and I feel very strong (not to mention great!) today as a result. Please thank him and ask him to keep up the good work.” Sharon R, January 2018

“I really cannot say enough positive things about Live & Breathe Pilates! I have been a fan of Pilates for many years but after moving to Dublin and trying several different gyms and private classes over the years I had fallen a little of out love with it. The team at Live & Breathe Pilates have definitely reignited the affair! The studio is so bright and welcoming with all of the most up to date equipment. The atmosphere is so lovely and friendly and the website so easy to navigate. The instructors are all fabulous and their commitment and enthusiasm really shines through in each and every class. Their genuine interest, personable approach and indivdualised attention to the client is what sets this studio apart. They all really do seem to live and breathe Pilates!” Louise C, August 2017

“I have been attending Pilates classes in Live & Breathe Pilates for the last 2 years or so which I find hugely beneficial. Last year, I heard about the new barre class sessions and had to give it a go. I wasn’t disappointed and have been a regular since. The classes are fun, usually set to cool beats, and are great for balance, posture and for building overall strength. Katrin makes the class really enjoyable, even though we are working hard! It’s the fastest hour of the week, I’m a fan,” Anne H, August 2017

“I’ve been attending Live & Breathe Pilates since 2014 for a mix of one-to-one and group classes. This is the best Pilates studio I’ve ever attended, with knowledgable and approachable instructors and state-of-the-art equipment. For the last 5 months, I have been attending weekly mat classes with James in the evenings, which I try to make every week. His classes are well-paced and his instructions are always very clear, and I always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. He explains what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, and in his mixed level classes he always offers variations to give options for people of all levels. When I attend regularly, I feel an improvement in my strength and posture with each week I attend. If I didn’t do Pilates on a regular basis, I think I would be in a lot of discomfort most of the time. Pilates makes a huge difference to me, and I would recommend Live & Breathe Pilates to anyone.” Hannah B, August 2017