“After emergency lumber spinal surgery in 2019, months of chronic back pain and restricted mobility followed. Once cleared by the surgeons I began Physio and Physio led Pilates. They helped but I was still struggling – a simple thing like standing up was a problem. Painkillers, anti inflammatories and a back brace were often used to get me through the day.

In Feb 2020 my Physio recommended Live & Breathe Pilates and things began to change. I signed up for individual sessions and after my first couple of sessions I noticed getting out of bed was becoming less of a struggle.

Then Covid-19 struck and we moved to Zoom. I wasn’t sure if this would suit me but I decided to stick with it. So every Saturday morning, armed with my myofascial balls, Pilates mat and laptop, I would get to work. And wow, did it make a difference. I could feel myself getting stronger as each week passed. Within a couple of months, I realised I was no longer bent over after standing up and I hadn’t taken any medication since early March.

My Physio and surgeon commented on my improvement too. They’d seen me struggle even though I followed their rehabilitation programmes. They were delighted with my improvement and commented I was one of few people who became more mobile during lockdown!

There are lots of fab instructors at Live & Breathe Pilates. But I have to call out my instructor Therese Meaney, who I can’t praise or thank enough. She is amazing and a natural teacher. Her positivity, patience and ability to confidently deal with my complex back issues have got me to where I am today – pain free, mobile, standing straight and stronger. Thank you Therese!.” Cath F, November 2020

“I have loved Live and Breathe Pilates from the moment I found you last year and regretted the fact that I lived too far away for regular sessions. I therefore welcomed with open arms my introduction to your Zoom Sessions with Louise. They have been a real highlight in my self-isolation and I so look forward to my bi-weekly sessions. I would like to assure everyone that they are very easy to set up and are so useful and such fun. I am delighted I will be able to continue the Zoom sessions when lockdown is over, with the joy of visiting the studio when I visit Dublin.
Many thanks Steph and Louise for your help and encouragement and for being there for me.” Marna G, July 2020

“I have been doing 2 or 3 online classes a week over the last two months and the transition from studio classes has been seamless. The instruction from Cait and Louise has been so clear that it feels like they are in the room with you. I look forward to the warm welcome and great encouragement during each class. I am delighted to have the opportunity to attend more classes now than I did when they were based in the studio and I am really feeling the benefits. I cannot praise Live and Breathe Pilates highly enough for continuing to provide such high quality classes during these challenging times. A huge thank you to Steph and all the team.” Gillian O’S, May 2020

“I started individual Pilates classes at Live & Breathe at the suggestion of my Physiotherapist following an injury 9 months previously. I started to feel the benefits in increased muscle strength after only a few sessions. Louise Carey my Instructor was so careful at explaining everything I was doing and tailoring the exercises to my needs. I am not the most ‘tech savvy person and baulked a little when Louise suggested that I could continue classes via Zoom, however, my strength levels had improved so much and I was reluctant to lose the momentum so I agreed to try an online class, and am I so glad that I did! Louise told me it would be easy to setup, she helped me by phone and it only took about three minutes to get started. I am delighted with my continued Pilates programme with my wonderful Instructor, she has even incorporated exercises to boost lung capacity, which I think is a great idea for anyone during this unusual time of Covid 19. I cannot believe how effective Pilates has been for me and am so glad that I have been able to continue with it during these challenging times. I look forward to returning to the lovely studio and connecting in person again with all the friendly and conscientious staff there, in the meantime thank goodness for online classes!” Lesley V, May 2020

“I am delighted with my one to one online Pilates sessions with Cait. I look forward to my class every week and feel great after it. I can’t get over how easy it is to do it via video link… feels like Cait is on the floor beside me. It has meant that I am up to speed on all my exercises and am still learning new ones every week.
Well done Steph on getting the classes online so soon after closing. It’s working out so well.” Christine T, May 2020

“I was this weekend with Steph and Cait visiting them @liveandbreathepilates and did a mat class, wonderful as usual. My experience with Steph and her studio was life changing. I did over 150 classes in the last 2 years @liveandbreathepilates Best investment of my life I have scoliosis a condition which can be very challenging at times. But with Pilates I learnt to manage my back in a new healthy and more independent way and I learnt so many techniques with Steph and her team. They teach medical grade Pilates, for people that usually have injuries or limitations, young and healthy people, athletes or anybody really! Pilates gave me back so much, I really have no words to say thanks to you guys. I will soon find a studio here in Girona to keep the good work. Be very blessed and even more successful with your joyful, kind, highly technica, and effective teachings. Thanks also to @somadublin and her lovely classes, Therese, Louise and Laurie” Ana K, April 2019

“Steph is an excellent teacher, she is always positive and encouraging and able to adapt her sessions to the needs of the individual.
Her patience is vital for the slow learners like myself and she continually seeks feedback so that the lesson is tailored as she goes along to my current needs. I love the classes and find her totally committed to her craft-as is the studio!
A gem in Dublin 8.” Monica H, March 2019

“I started doing Pilates around four years ago and discovered Live & Breathe around six months into my journey.
In the beginning, I did one class a week (mat only) but found that my strength wasn’t improving. I then started going two or three times a week and this is when I noticed the difference – within weeks of starting to go twice a week my core strength increased exponentially and my range of movement also increased. These days to keep things mixed up I try to go to Barre with Katrin (great class) once a week and do at least one of mat or reformer Pilates (usually reformer with Louise – great class also!). When I miss these classes my body notices (not in a good way) and when I do extra classes it and I feel amazing!
I have tried different studios in the past but have not found the same experience nor value. At Live & Breathe the calibre and quality of instructors is consistently excellent, classes are always great and instructors will focus on areas where clients/I request spending additional time, the studio is also amazing and feels like stepping into a retreat from the world. The small classes and one to one attention also make this studio a firm favourite!
Keep up the great work to all the team there” Sara C, January 2019

“Just wanted to drop you a note as I had the most wonderful class with Margo yesterday.
She taught and inspired me so much during 45 minutes that I couldn’t work out afterwards how she fitted it all in excepting that it was beautifully calm focus.
Not only that but I was so energised that I almost levitated for at least an hour afterwards.” Leszek W, October 2018

“Some 5 years ago, when my physiotherapist advised me to take up Pilates to improve my flexibility and maintain mobility, she recommended Steph Grey at Live & Breathe. Ever since I have looked forward to my weekly session of “Fit for Life” where I have been surprised to discover muscles I never knew existed and have met some delightful classmates. Truly Live & Breathe Pilates has enriched my life.” Peter L, October 2018