Meet our visiting teacher…Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle

This is part of our Meet Our Visiting Teacher Series where you get to read about some of the visiting teachers and educators in our studio.

Meet Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle, educator, author and movement teacher. Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle

Wendy will be teaching a 3 Day Immersive based on her her 3Core Connections® Embodied Perspective (3CCEP) in our studio here in Dublin in May 2019.

What have you been up to recently?
Collaborating with and mentoring practitioners around the world to create a shift in awareness from a biomechanical, body as machine to be trained and fixed approach…to a biointelligent/biotensegrity, body as a living process that is self-healing, adaptive and part of the natural, constantly changing, living world. This awareness cultivates a more embodied approach to ourselves in our personal practice and teaching clients…along with a more empathetic, relational way of being in life!

How long have you been a movement teacher / educator and what inspired you to become one?
40 years! I’ve been inspired to heal and grow myself by studying with pioneers in yoga, Pilates, Rolf Structural Integration Bodywork, Somatic arts and sciences, Embryology, Embodied Breathwork and Energy Medicine. I love this quote by one of my mentors, embryologist, Jaap van der Wal: “the forces that formed the body are continuously at work throughout life carrying the blueprint of health into manifestation at every moment.”

What are your top three tips for clients and students to start a movement practice?
1. Shift your perception of yourself, by discovering how to be curious about how incredibly your body functions! You are not a machine to be trained and fixed…you are a deeply intelligent organism that “knows” how to self-regulate, adapt and self-heal…so learn to move beyond “muscular” anatomy…to discover whole body “fascial” awareness!
2. Take a private session or class where you feel the practitioner is teaching YOU how to help yourself and have fun, rather than just learn exercises.
3. Develop a “daily practice” and stick with it…as your practice can unravel long held chronic patterns and pain, along with connecting you to yourself, other beings and the world around you!

What are your top three tips for clients and students to stay motivated Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckleand consistent with their movement practice?
1. Notice if your practice is based on “doing exercises” or “growing yourself”. Are you developing awareness of how your body wisdom “knows” how to move…. sitting, standing, walking, running, or any activity of daily living, if you learn to listen to its guidance?
2. Become aware of the many places in your home, or at work, where you can easily unravel tension patterns in your body in your daily movement practice, before they become serious problems.
3. Develop awareness of how your embodied breath’s elastic recoil fascially supports your body’s health and nervous system regulation, so you can “sense” this practice while driving in your car, at work, anywhere, and change an anxious moment to one of calm…powerful!

Describe your teaching style in less than ten words
Core as relationship…with gravity, ourselves, one another and our environment.

Where are your three favourite places in the world?
It’s hard to pick three favorites! I love so many of the places and people I have visited both in the U.S. and internationally! Some heart centers for me are my hometown of New Orleans, my new hometown in Asheville, NC, and my birthplace, Melbourne, Australia!

What are the top three things on your bucket list?
I don’t have a bucket list, however, I do have an intention to continue to learn how to live with loving presence for myself and others into elderhood.

Tell us about someone who inspires you
Pilates Elder, MARY BOWEN. We share a lifelong journey of passion, pioneering and a deep hearted sisterhood! We filmed this interview together, a few years ago, when I was honored to co-teach a workshop with her at my cottage studio on our magical land in Asheville, NC.

When you’re not teaching what do you do for kicks?
Permaculture gardening, dancing, gathering and cooking with friends.

Tell us one last thing we might not know about you
I have a fabulous Talking Dog joke that you will love!

Wendy is with us in Dublin in May 2019 to teach a 3 Day Immersive.

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