Studio Classes

You may have seen the Chair, the Cadillac, the Barrels and the Spine Correctors as well as the Reformer in our Pilates studio. Or perhaps you’ve tried some of them out previously in a one to one session. STUDIO CLASSES Maybe you’re just curious about the benefits of working across all of the Pilates apparatus.

Joseph Pilates created these apparatus to support the Matwork which together become the full body workout system that is the Pilates Method.

Studio classes are a semi-private class with a maximum of 4 clients working with an instructor where you get to utilise all of this amazing equipment.

Over the course of the class, you will be taken through a tailored program that is appropriate for your body, and will use a combination of equipment to add variety and challenge – or support where needed – to your workout. Matwork and small equipment is also used to build transitions and progressions.

These small group classes are suitable for all levels of ability. Maybe you’re curious and just want to try a completely different challenge to keep your practice fresh. They can also be an ideal progression from one to one sessions if you’re not quite ready for group classes or if you just prefer to work in a smaller group or with friends.

Studio classes are ideal to build strength and tone, improve flexibility and help you look and feel great.


  • Semi-private tuition
  • Maximum of 3 clients per session
  • A customised program to achieve your goals
  • Appropriate for all levels
  • Individual attention
  • A stepping stone between one to ones and group classes
  • Explore more of the Pilates repertoire
  • Deepen your Practice
  • Workout with friends

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Note: You must have completed a one to one appointment prior to booking into studio classes.