“The studio is spacious, light filled and uniquely designed. Steph is an expert in her field and leaves no stone (muscle) unturned. She is the consummate professional who loves what she does and her classes are energetic, fun and focussed on results. I always leave feeling that I have been through a thorough work out. I have done pilates classes before however the attention to detail in Live & Breathe Pilates is unique and I highly recommend this studio and Steph to anyone with an interest in developing a more flexible stronger body.” Orla G

“I have attended Live & Breathe Pilates both on a one to one basis and within a class. The one to one was great for me as I got assessed to see was I OK to attend the classes and also got some suggested exercises for my weak areas. I really enjoy the class and find it beneficial, relaxing and fun. Class sizes are small so you definitely get the attention you might need. I started Pilates after having bad sciatica problems 3 years ago and fingers crossed to date I’ve been in a much healthier place with my back. I would recommend Live & Breathe Pilates to anyone, once you go you won’t regret it”. Laura G

“It gives me great pleasure to recommend Live & Breathe Pilates where I have been taking classes for 18 months now. The studio is bright, airy and well equipped and the instructors are extremely personal, professional and committed to achieving their client’s goals. As a result of attending the weekly sessions I feel less stressed, more flexible and generally healthier. In fact I now feel several years younger than my 58 years”. Tom D

“I have been attending classes for over 2 years. I was experiencing back pain while horse riding and was encouraged to try Pilates. I was told by a physio that I should improve the muscle tone on my back, and strengthen my core, both of which were weakened after years of sitting at a desk and being a professional couch potato. Live & Breathe Pilates classes are always invigorating and challenging and all instructors have a keen eye for detail which helps get the most out of each exercise. Their clear communication style makes it very easy to understand how each exercise is to be performed and what improvements/corrections you can make. The health benefits of attending classes at Live & Breathe Pilates are many. My overall strength, stamina and flexibility have greatly improved. My horse riding has benefited also, as I’ve developed a much deeper seat, better balance and a longer, stronger leg”. Ken G

“I have been attending group Mat classes for over a year and more recently I also do Reformer classes. I find the instructors are very helpful, knowledgeable and have a strong attention to detail. While the classes are always enjoyable, we are challenged as the instructors observe closely to ensure we are moving correctly and giving it our best effort. By the end of each class I feel thoroughly exercised, relaxed and refreshed. The studio is modern, comfortable and very well equipped with Reformer machines and small equipment such as rollers, flex bands, spiky balls. The small equipment is often used in the exercises, helping to keep the classes varied, interesting and challenging. In my job I spend most of my time seated at a desk and working on a computer, so I find the classes have considerably helped to improve my posture, strength and flexibility”. Vince, IT Team Lead

“I joined Live & Breathe Pilates as a result of work related back problems. Having joined about a year ago I am thrilled with the results, no ongoing back pain, no work leave and it’s also great fun. Live & Breathe is a fantastic studio lead by Steph; an exceptional tutor who can gauge individual and group needs/ability.” Matthew M

“I attended my first Pilates class with Steph in August of this year (2012) as a total newcomer and I would highly recommend it. I’m 26 and have experienced back pain since I was 15. I began Pilates on the recommendation of my physiotherapist to build up the strength in my back. I attend weekly one on one sessions with Steph. For me, the most positive aspect of beginning Pilates was becoming aware of my core strength and posture. As my back was so weak we started out very gently but I am now feeling and seeing the results. Steph is a wonderful teacher and very patient with me! She has helped me understand why I experience back pain and encourages me to make the necessary changes to my daily habits which were contributing to the problem. Steph has devised a home exercise programme for me which has become an essential part of my day, and I now feel like I am taking control of my body. I only wish I had started earlier.” Aimée, 2012

“I have been practising Pilates with Steph since 2008. As a male, I was initially reluctant to begin Pilates but after discovering Roy Keane and the All Blacks were keen advocates I was convinced. A few years on, I have noticed a considerable improvement in my posture, balance and all round core strength. I would recommend Pilates to anyone and would especially recommend Steph as an instructor – her classes are relaxed yet professional and she will ensure that students get the necessary individual attention when required.” Crohan A. O’Shea

“I started doing Pilates with Steph around 3 or 4 years ago. I’m not young and I’m not skinny, and hadn’t done proper exercise for years. I went as I had lots of back problems – constant lower back and hip pain, trapped nerve in shoulder etc, and was thinking of buying shares in Nurofen Plus and heat pads as I was using them on a daily basis. It’s hard to describe how Pilates has helped without sounding like one of those ‘miracle cure’ converts. But it has really helped my movement and mobility – I feel so much stronger and the back pain is virtually just a bad memory. I went to other Pilates teachers who were good but came back to Steph – she’s a real stickler for technique and makes the class effective and enjoyable. I’d recommend Pilates to anyone.” Freda

“I didn’t realise that most of us really do start to lose muscle tone after the age of 30 or so until I attempted Pilates. This is really true if you do a good deal of desk work, and don’t get much other regular exercise. Each class Pilates offers the chance to begin to make up for any losses in flexibility and strength. It’s a great investment in your physical and mental well being. Steph’s classes are small enough to ensure that each student receives individual attention. You can continually challenge and build on your abilities, making the most of the time you devote to working out. I would recommend these classes to anyone interested in doing Pilates or discovering a new opportunity to improve their physical fitness.” Barbara Caska