“I attended my first Pilates class with Steph in August of this year (2012) as a total newcomer and I would highly recommend it. I’m 26 and have experienced back pain since I was 15. I began Pilates on the recommendation of my physiotherapist to build up the strength in my back. I attend weekly one on one sessions with Steph. For me, the most positive aspect of beginning Pilates was becoming aware of my core strength and posture. As my back was so weak we started out very gently but I am now feeling and seeing the results. Steph is a wonderful teacher and very patient with me! She has helped me understand why I experience back pain and encourages me to make the necessary changes to my daily habits which were contributing to the problem. Steph has devised a home exercise programme for me which has become an essential part of my day, and I now feel like I am taking control of my body. I only wish I had started earlier.” Aimée, 2012