Workshops 2013

On Saturday 19th of October we will be running PropapaloozaFest.  

This will be a mixed level mat  a 90 Minute workshop, with lots of props such as foam rollers, fitness circles, bands and spiky balls to challenge the body and kick your Saturday morning off with a bang.

All proceeds go directly to the Irish Osteoporosis Society. If you’d like to join us, please book your place with us by email as soon as possible.


Intro to Pilates Workshop – wait list open, mail us for info

Never done Pilates before? Not sure what it’s all about? Come down for an Introduction to Pilates workshop. Meet our instructors and see our studio. We’ll give you an overview of Pilates, what it is, how it can help you and show you some of the wonderful machines Mr Pilates invented. So don’t be shy – come join us! We run a 90 minute session, with some theory and some practice too. Cost is €25 per person. No need to bring a mat, we provide everything for you. You can check availability and book your place by calling us on 01 5549710 to check availability and then paying via Paypal below or we can send you on bank details if that’s easier for you.

Other Upcoming Workshops in 2013

Pilates for Cyclists

A 90 minute workshop for cycling enthusiasts, covering common injuries and how to prevent them. Stretching and flexibility will also be included in a Pilates workout that will strengthen the weak and challenge the strong. Open to all levels – from weekend road warriors, to commuters, to the elite athlete. Contact us to register your interest.

Pilates Props

Small equipment can add so much to your Pilates repertoire from balance challenges on the Foam Roller and Swiss Ball to upper and lower body conditioning with Flexbands, Toning Balls and Fitness Circles.  These workshops will help you deepen your Pilates knowledge and you’ll be able to apply these techniques to your regular Pilates classes and workouts.

Fitness Circle

The fitness circle targets and challenges the arms and legs.  It is an outstanding yet lightweight resistance tool.  You’ll also get the added advantage of strengthening and activating support systems throughout the body.  The circle can also be used to develop body awareness as part of your understanding of the basic principles of Pilates.

Toning Balls

Toning balls are soft weighted balls that can used in your Pilates workout to add upper body resistance and also balance challenges.  Toning balls come in a variety of weights, though in Pilates we tend to keep the weights between 1 and 3 lbs so the correct form is kept during exercises.

Stability Ball

Challenge your balance, activate your abs, stretch your spine – and use the ball to do it!  A mind/body workout that focuses on flexibility, co-ordination and good posture – the building blocks to functional fitness.


Flexbands or resistance bands started out as rehab tools but are now mainstream equipment in the fitness world.  A resistance band is one of the most portable, versatile and low-tech pieces of exercise equipment one can have.  They provide adjustable resistance for both stretch and strength exercises.

Foam Roller Challenge

The foam roller is a versatile prop and can be used for all kinds of uses, such as stretching, self-massage, body support, and stability exercises in Pilates. Like the Swiss ball and flex band they originated in the rehab environment. The foam roller may be just a cylinder made of high-density foam and cheap to buy, but it can certainly add a new challenges to any workout.

Introduction to Reformer – available on request

So you’ve been doing mat for a while, why not add an extra dimension to your Pilates workout? The Reformer is probably the best known Pilates equipment and we have seven in our studio – so we can offer you Group Reformer classes at a price that’s affordable. Come down for a workshop session before you sign up for a course to see what its all about.

Places must be booked in advance. Workshops are suitable only for those who are injury free and have previous Pilates experience of at least 6 months unless otherwise stated.