October 2013 Charity Fundraiser

For the past five years we have supported the Irish Cancer Society’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign with Pilates for Pink Classes in October, with the proceeds of classes etc that we ran donated to the charity. This year, to share the love, we are supporting the Irish Osteoporosis Society (IOS) to raise some funds and to draw awareness to this silent disease. The IOS is a charity dedicated to reducing the incidence of Osteoporosis and promoting bone health and provides information to the public and IOS Logohealth professionals on all aspects of the disease. They offer support to people with Osteoporosis, their families, and everyone at risk. Osteoporosis is a silent disease, with most people not being diagnosed until they fracture. Early diagnosis is essential, so get a referral from your doctor for a DXA scan. It is a treatable for the majority of people, through diet, exercise and medication – though everybody’s treatment plan will be different.

On Saturday 19th of October we will be running a 90 Minute PropapaloozaFest  This will be a mixed level mat workshop, with lots of props to challenge you. It’s a guaranteed fun way to start your day and a great workout. Places are €25 each and all proceeds go directly to the Irish Osteoporosis Society. If you’d like to join us, please book your place with us by email as soon as possible or you can drop payment into the studio.

Alternatively if you can’t make class and would like to support the IOS you can become a member here and get access to a plethora of essential information such as understanding your diagnosis, treatment options etc.  Or you can drop donations into the studio.

OsteoporosisPlease help us in raising awareness of this silent disease.

You are at higher risk if:

  • There is a family history
  • You have broken a bone due to a fall or trip – it is not normal to break a bone from a fall. You should have this investigated and Osteoporosis ruled out
  • Loss of height
  • Dowagers Hump (very rounded upper back and shoulders) should be checked
  • You can take the IOS’s Risk Assessment Questionnaire here

We can help at Live & Breathe Pilates too if you have been diagnosed with bone density issues. We can teach you better postural habits, how to improve your balance to prevent falls and show you how to exercise safely, without risk of fracture. We run osteo specific classes for the Over 55s and Men Only classes as well as one to ones which are a great way to get a tailored home plan.  We ALWAYS modify exercises for clients with bone density issues as flexion and side flexion put you at a risk for fracture.  Contact us for details, we’re here to help!