Continuing Education, Innovation and Awareness

At Live & Breathe Pilates we are all firm believers that there is always more to learn about the human body and movement.

Our instructors’ respective Pilates certification programs require each of us to attend continuing education workshops annually to ensure we have up to date information and new exercise repertoire to offer our clients.

However we all study outside these programs as well, to enhance our understanding of anatomy and movement so we can better teach our clients. And part of that teaching process is to ensure our clients understand the how and the why of the movements that we teach them. After all, if they can only do Pilates in the studio, we’re not doing our jobs right!

We have recently installed an alignment grid to help our clients see their alignment and Alignment Chartposture as we do – with a detailed eye for what should be strengthened and what needs to be released. Helping clients to take the information we teach them in the studio and integrate it into their day to day lives is extremely important for their own continuing education and to facilitate change in their bodies.

If a client has great alignment and posture for the one hour they are with us for a session, but then spend the other 23 hours of their day slumped, guess which one will manifest itself in their body?

That which you manifest is before you ― Garth Stein, The Art of Racing in the Rain

As well as being able to show clients their alignment so they can continue to work on it outside the studio, we are also now offering a video based exercise prescription program, which shows clients how to perform the home exercises we give them as part of one to one sessions.

One of our other goals in the studio is to provide independent, world class continuing education for other movement educators and to make it accessible – without the added expense of having to travel abroad, as well as take time off, which is not easy when you’re self employed!

In May 2015, we provided focussed teacher training on Breast Cancer Rehab with Doreen Puglisi’s Pink Ribbon Program. We also hosted Rebekah Rotstein’s Buff Bones Licensed Training Course in our studio in June 2015 and she was our instructor-in-residence the whole summer.

Steph and Andrea attended Marsika Breland’s “Pilates for MS” course with MBodies and the MS Society in Belfast in 2014. We are hosting Exercise for MS for instructors in Dublin in November 2015.

The wonderful Anthony Lett, founder of Innovations in Pilates will be with us late June 2016. He will be teaching his Reformer based repertoire this time around.

All in all, we have an exciting, education filled 2015 and 2016 ahead which enables us to give the very best to our clients – instructors and non instructors alike. We hope you can join us for classes or workshops throughout December and into 2015. We’d really love to teach you something that will last you all your life.