Feel Good Look Good Nutrition Seminar

We’re excited to be hosting Dr Karen Coughlan AKA the Nut(rition) Coach for a 90 minute no nonsense Diets Don't Workseminar on Saturday 7th of February, 2015 @ 14:30.

If you are SICK. TO. DEATH. of all the gimmicks, fads, and outright lies that are rife in the nutrition and fat loss market, then this seminar is just for you!

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Some of the topics that Karen will cover on the day are:

• Nutrition for Health & General Well-Being
• It’s All Lies: Why Diets Let You Down
• Change Your Mindset to Change Your Body
• Goal Setting: Find Your WHY to Find Your HOW
• How to Eat for Fat Loss
• Nutrition Myth Busting
• Which is the Best Diet?
• Interactive Questions & Answers

We want YOU to benefit as much as possible from this seminar so please email us in advance with other topics that you would like Karen to address on the day. At the end of this seminar, you will come away with buckets full of accessible, useful and practical information.

About Karen
Karen is a Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Engineering by education, a problem solver by nature.
karen coughlanAs an engineer, she is naturally inquisitive and continually examines things and thinks of ways to help them work better. That includes ways of helping YOU work better also. Her ability to think logically enables her to make sense of things, to understand how things work and how problems arise. Her job is to spot your problem and resolve it. Once the problem has been solved then she helps you consistently live in the solution and leave the problem in the past. She is passionate about helping others in every and any way that she can. She is realistic, energetic, direct with her approach, goal-oriented, conscientious, open-minded and most of all, adaptable, cause let’s face it, shit happens.
Karen also writes a weekly nutrition column Look Good Feel Good for The Herald and Independent newspapers. She writes about all things nutrition related, be it for health, fat loss, sports performance, or general well-being. You can visit her webpage at www.thenutcoach.com or follow her on Facebook