Pilates for Runners Workshop March 2015

In this 90 minute workshop we will show you what good posture looks like and how it feels. We will help you to release tight muscles and teach you specific Pilates exercises to strengthen your core and to balance the muscles around the hips and legs.

dreamstime_xs_29440219-300x163A strong core can improve your posture, running technique, balance and stability. Pilates helps to develop a strong core by supporting and strengthening the muscles of the back, hips shoulders and pelvis.

Price: €25 per person. Pre-registration is required.

Limited quantities of Pilates small equipment, bands, foam rollers and spiky balls will be available for purchase on the day also.


Sunday 1st of March 2015 at 10.30pm. The workshop will last for 90 minutes.


The Live & Breathe Pilates studio is located at 20 Camden Row, just off Camden Street, Dublin 2. Get Directions.

Who Can Attend?

This class is suitable for all ages and abilities, whether you’re a competitive runner or an occasional jogger.

Why is Pilates good for Runners?

Whether you’re a competitive runner or an occasional jogger, running is an great way to stay fit. But your body can take a beating – this is especially true if it develops muscle imbalances. These imbalances or asymmetries occur because of poor body mechanics, causing certain muscles to become overused, while others become underused. This can result in a variety of common running injuries; from lower back pain to hip issues to knee pain. Running can also lead to a wide variety of tears, strains, pulls and aches and pains.

Good posture is one of the key ingredients to success for runners and is very dependent on a strong core. Better posture adds up to more efficient movement and less chance of injury.

Pilates can create a stronger, more flexible spine and core, and can also promote faster recovery from injuries. It enables you to understand on where your head and neck need to be in relation to your spine and pelvis, all the way down through the legs and toes.

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