Continuing Education, Innovation and Awareness

At Live & Breathe Pilates we are all firm believers that there is always more to learn about the human body and movement.

Our instructors’ respective Pilates certification programs require each of us to attend continuing education workshops annually to ensure we have up to date information and new exercise repertoire to offer our clients.

However we all study outside these programs as well, to enhance our understanding of anatomy and movement so we can better teach our clients. And part of that teaching process is to ensure our clients understand the how and the why of the movements that we teach them. After all, if they can only do Pilates in the studio, we’re not doing our jobs right! Continue reading

Movement is Key

As a Pilates instructor I always try to spread the word about how important movement is for the human body. Recently, the importance of this has again been underlined for me.

Dad's leg with rodAt the end of June, 2014 I got a call to say that my 75 year old father, who was in Portugal, had fallen and fractured his left leg in two places and his arm as well. Not the most pleasant of calls as you can imagine. His doctors planned to operate on his leg to pin it. It took two days for the operation to be scheduled as the hospital was so busy.

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September 2014

It’s time to get your ass back to class!

September is a time of new starts – new school terms, new seasons and new opportunities. Seize the day or Carpe Diem as the wonderful Robin Williams once said. Do something now that your body will thank you for in future. Pilates is a wonderful method of movement that will teach you things that will last you all your life. We believe everyone should move more and Pilates (and dance) will help you do just that. Movement helps the body and calms the mind – so come to the studio and let us show you how to look after your body this September!


Motivation is what gets you startedOur new September timetables are now available to book online. As well as all our regular lunchtime, evening and Saturday classes, we now have new morning classes to facilitate the school run and we have new Barre classes for you to check out too.

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July 2014

It’s mid July, the temperature is above average and we’ve all been out enjoying the sunshine – definitely something we’d just love to get used to! It’s amazing how the sunny weather can improve our temperaments and even our health. The sun is an ideal source of Vitamin D which is essential for strong bones so get out there and talk a walk or a run or a cycle in the sunshine. To complement your cardiovascular fitness, and to help your strength and flexibility we offer a great mix of Pilates classes for all levels, as well as some amazing workshops to keep you in shape and ready for anything. We’ve a few changes to our summer timetable so be sure to check them out – and we are open all the way through July and August too, so you have every chance to get fitter, get stronger and get more flexible this summer.
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June 2014

Summer is here, the sun is shining (mostly) and all is good with the world.  We have our usual mix of great classes as well as some amazing workshops coming up in June and July to keep you in shape and ready for anything. We’ve added new classes to our timetable, we’ve extended our 10 packs to a 4 month expiry AND we’ve added 20 and 50 class packs to our store to make it even more affordable for you all to get stronger, fitter and more flexible!  Continue reading

May 2014

It’s May already and many of us are starting to think about summer holidays Spring into Summer 2013and getting out to enjoy the sunshine. We have lots of classes to help you get fitter, stronger, more flexible and more toned for summer. Our Foundation Courses are proving popular with beginners, both on a group and one to one basis. The next Group Foundation Course starts Tues 6th of May. We’ve added some specific Strength & Tone classes to help you shape up for summer and we’ve also added to the existing options on the packages you can buy for classes. Why not review our new timetable and check what classes suit you and get yourself set for summer? And remember with our drop in packages you’re not just limited to one class a week, you can take as many as you like. Just get in touch if you want more info.
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New Year’s Resolutions

So, it’s that time of year again. You’re thinking about taking down the Christmas tree, there’s no turkey left, The-Correct-Way-To-Weigh-Yourselfyou’ve gotten through the tin of Roses and the recycling bin is full to overflowing. You’re probably thinking it’s time to get some resolutions going to lose weight / give up smoking / stop eating chocolate / stop drinking alcohol / detox etc.

Well, consider how many times you have decided on some New Year’s resolutions and how many time they have worked for you. Only 8% of people manage to keep them going after 6 weeks, so if you didn’t keep them up, you’re not on your own! Continue reading

December 2013

Merry EverybodyChristmas is a mere few weeks away, yikes! Take the time to up the ante and get yourself to a class before we all hibernate for a few weeks. Our new booking system makes it easy for you to select the dates and times you want so you can schedule your work outs around your Christmas parties and nights out. Don’t let all that previous hard work slide before the big day!

We have lots of good news this month –  for starters we’ll be trying out new Saturday classes from January so you can get that extra weekend workout in to help shift any turkey and trifle excesses. We’re also helping with your Christmas shopping as we are offering Gift Vouchers for those in your life who love their Pilates (or for yourself too!). We have new stock in the studio – mats, spiky balls, flexbands, foam rollers and fitness circles – great stocking fillers one and all.
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Irish Tatler Man

We’re delighted to get a mention in November’s edition of Irish Tatler Man, thanks guys!

Tatler Man Scan Nov 2013 Women tend to be more aware of the benefits of Pilates because of press coverage of celebrities who use Pilates to tone their arms or get back into shape post pregnancy. Many rugby players, golfers and tennis pros like Andy Murray use Pilates to recover from injury and strengthen their game. The GAA recommend Pilates to their players too. Pilates can help put the power behind your swing, the speed in your sprint and the length in your hamstrings. Pilates will strengthen your back as well as your core, will balance the muscles around your joints to help prevent injury and improve your flexibility. Continue reading