Irish Tatler Man

We’re delighted to get a mention in November’s edition of Irish Tatler Man, thanks guys!

Tatler Man Scan Nov 2013 Women tend to be more aware of the benefits of Pilates because of press coverage of celebrities who use Pilates to tone their arms or get back into shape post pregnancy. Many rugby players, golfers and tennis pros like Andy Murray use Pilates to recover from injury and strengthen their game. The GAA recommend Pilates to their players too. Pilates can help put the power behind your swing, the speed in your sprint and the length in your hamstrings. Pilates will strengthen your back as well as your core, will balance the muscles around your joints to help prevent injury and improve your flexibility.

Many men have tights hips and shoulders which can lead to back and neck pain over time. Pilates helps you to understand where you need to stretch and where you need to strengthen your body, thereby improving your posture and leaving you less open to injury. It can be tailored to suit someone with an injury they want to rehab, or an elite athlete wanting to improve their performance. We use body weight as well as a number of Pilates invented machines to strengthen and/or support and challenge your body in all planes of movement.