June 2014


Summer is here, the sun is shining (mostly) and all is good with the world.  We have our usual mix of great classes as well as some amazing workshops coming up in June and July to keep you in shape and ready for anything. We’ve added new classes to our timetable, we’ve extended our 10 packs to a 4 month expiry AND we’ve added 20 and 50 class packs to our store to make it even more affordable for you all to get stronger, fitter and more flexible! 


Pilates for Runners

Running has become a favorite pastime of many Dubliners, and in this weather Pilates for Runnersyou can understand why. We do see a lot of clients in the studio with running related issues though – sore knees, lower back pain, tight shoulders etc. These can especially occur as you increase your pace and your mileage.

On Saturday 14th of June, we’re running our popular Pilates for Runners workshop again. Over 90 minutes we will show you the best ways to use your foam roller to release tight legs, as well as working on posture and strength. This workshop is open to all levels, all you need to do is book your place and show up. We’ll do the rest. 

Rebecca ReturnsRebecca Leone

Rebecca Leone has been one of Steph’s mentors for many years. She is a trainer of trainers but also a teacher of clients. She’s with us in Dublin from the 4th to the 6th of July. We have Masterclasses on Friday and Saturday evening which we encourage our clients to come along to – she will teach you something that will last you all your life. The workshops on Saturday and Sunday are open to instructors but also to interested clients too. She is one of the best educators we have ever come across so stop what you’re doing right now and book your place. You will not be disappointed.


Pilates for Over 55s

Due to popular demand we are adding another Over 55s class to the schedule. This class is for beginners to Pilates who have completed a one to one session with one of our instructors and is specifically designed for those in their mid 50s and older. During our sessions we work on posture, strength and balance. The first class in on Friday 20th of June at 12 noon.

Pilates for Back PainSpine

Our Pilates for Back Pain class is also back on the schedule on Wednesdays at 6pm. We are often contacted by people who have been referred by their GP or their physiotherapist to do Pilates to help with their back pain. Group classes are not always a good place to start if you have pain. This is why we recommend you take a one to one assessment prior to joining group classes. Pilates, taught safely, can help you strengthen your postural muscles to get you out of pain. 

Once cleared you can join our Pilates for Back Pain class on Weds at 6pm. We keep our groups small so your instructor can keep an eye on you and help you make adjustments as necessary. It’s all about the quality of your movements – never the quantity.