Studio Classes

You may have seen the Chair, the Cadillac, the Barrels and the Spine Correctors as well as the Reformer in our Pilates studio. Or perhaps you’ve tried some of them out previously in a one to one session. STUDIO CLASSES Maybe you’re just curious about the benefits of working across all of the Pilates apparatus.

Joseph Pilates created these apparatus to support the Matwork which together become the full body workout system that is the Pilates Method.

Studio classes are a semi-private class with a maximum of 4 clients working with an instructor where you get to utilise all of this amazing equipment.

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Studio Sessions

Joseph Pilates created a number of pieces of apparatus that all work in conjunction with the Matwork to become the full body workout system that is the Pilates Method.

You’ve probably seen the Chair, the Cadillac, the Barrels and the Spine CorrectorPilates Studio Sessions as well as the Reformer in the studio. Or perhaps you’ve tried them out previously in a one to one session.

Up to now we have offered only one to one or duet sessions where you work on all of the equipment. We now plan to launch Studio Sessions where you can workout on all of the equipment as part of a small group.

Whether you want to rehab after injury, build strength and endurance, work on balance or reduce pain, these semi-private appointments can help.

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Pilates for Teens

Pilates for Teens

Many of our clients tell us they wish they had been aware of Pilates earlier in Pilates for Teenslife so they could have avoided some of the injuries or aches they are now prone too.

If we can get people moving well at a younger age and empower them with the knowledge of how to maintain a strong, healthy body during their lifetime, that’s capable of all they ask of it, wouldn’t it be of benefit?

After all healthy children can become healthy adults. The physical, social and emotional benefits of being active in childhood will help set up our children for a healthier future.

Pilates for Teens is a new course offered on our schedule with the goal of bringing the benefits of this wonderful method to our younger clients.

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Hanna Somatics with Martha Petersen – Nov 2017

We are delighted to announce that Martha Peterson Martha Petersonwill be with us in Dublin in November 2017 to teach a Hanna Somatics Fundamentals Immersion Course.

This introductory course is for anyone with an interest in learning about or seeking to deepen their understanding of Hanna Somatics for their own personal education and exploration. No prior experience or training is required to participate.

Hanna Somatic Education (also known as Clinical Somatics) is a safe, gentle and common sense approach to eliminating chronic muscle pain and improving movement for the long term.  It is scientifically-based sensory motor training that teaches you how most chronic muscle pain develops, and what to do to restore full nervous system control of both muscles and movement. The end result is improved awareness, balance and control, as well as efficiency and joy of movement. You learn to reverse the root cause of most chronic muscle pain – the way in which you have unconsciously adapted to the stresses of your life – so you can prevent pain and movement limitation in the future.

If you’d like to know a little more prior to booking a two day course, come to our
Introduction to Somatics
workshop on Saturday November 4th at 2pm. All proceeds of this workshop go to the Simon Community.

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Springtime Somatics Series

Our Series of Springtime Somatics Sessions starting February 2017 with Katrin are designed to build body awareness and help you to discover and then release tension in your body.

Somatics Session 1 – Taut BacksSomatics Backlift

Saturday 25th February 2pm – 3:30pm
Learn somatic solutions to ease your taut back muscles through simple movements you can do any time you need. In this 90 minute workshop class, we will focus on how to make the back soften and relax to increase well being, de-stress and improve mobility. No previous is experience necessary, this workshop is suitable for anyone who experiences tension in the back, who has on going back pain or is recovering from surgical intervention.

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Pilates for Men

There is a common misconception that Pilates is only for women. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Joseph Pilates was a man after all.

Joe was a circus performer and a boxer, he trained military personnel, he smoked cigars, drank whiskey and he spent most of his life teaching in his underpants Pilates for Men(!)  He taught many dancers, athletes, performers and the general public from his studio in New York from the 1920s to the 1960s.

Football players, rugby players, golfers, climbers and tennis pros use Pilates to recover from injury and strengthen their game. The GAA recommend Pilates to their players and many Olympians use Pilates as a key part of their cross training programs too.
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Take a Deep Breath

We’re all about breathing deeply, widely and openly at Live & Breathe Pilates.

So we’re delighted to welcome Deirdre O’Connor back to the studio this May with her Take a Deep Breath workshop.

There is breathing – and there is Breathing, with a capital B.

Open hearted, full body breathing that creates wave like spinal moments which feel juicy Deirdre O'Connorand alive.
Breath inspires us, literally, and takes us out of the murky lethargy that seems to land in our bodies over the winter months.

It also allows us to move with fluidity and grace, and enlivens our very beings as it carries breath-infused prana to places of stagnation and tension

. Often our breath is the exact opposite of this – shallow, constricted, anxiety making half-breaths is more often our lot, particularly if we are leading busy, demanding lives.
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Fit for Life Classes

Suitable for more mature clients, our Fit for Life classes are designed to get you fit and flexible and to build your Fit for Life Classesstrength with Pilates so you can continue to do what you love.

These are slower paced classes where exercises are modified as required – but don’t worry, you’ll still get a workout and have some fun too.

Functional movements are included to help you with the day to day. We also work on balance, posture, flexibility and strength during each and every class. We’ve even been known to add some golf specific work for those of you who like to get out on the golf course.

We can accommodate clients with osteopenia or osteoporosis safely, as well as working with those with hip or knee replacements, arthritis or those recovering from injury. And of course those who are injury free are very welcome too. We’ll get you moving, safely.

We do recommend you get in touch before joining these classes, especially if you have any underlying conditions or have been referred by a health care professional so we can discuss the best options.

We offer Fit for Life classes online as well as in person in the studio.

You can buy a single class pass and we also offer discounted multi class passes.

Book Online Fit for Life Class / Book In Studio Fit for Life Class

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Women’s Health and Pilates

Pilates is a movement modality that can be modified as needed for every woman’s body to promote health throughout their lives – from teenagers, to those in their twenties and thirties, for expectant mums, new mums, pre or post menopausal women and for those affected by illness. We have clients in their eighties who are coming to regular classes too – Pilates is really can support us our whole lives.


Prenatal Pilates This prenatal class is suitable for Mums to be and uses a modified Pilates program to keep you strong and healthy throughout your pregnancy. The class is suitable for those who are 12 weeks pregnant or more with clearance to participate from their doctor. We use a modified Matwork program as well as small equipment to help you support your body through pregnancy and beyond.

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Barre Blitz – what’s all the fuss about?

We’ve just launched our unique Barre Blitz classes, taught by our Pilates Instructor and Ballet Teacher, Katrin Neue. We’ve asked Katrin some pressing questions to which we all want the answers…

So Katrin, what are the benefits of Barre?

Barre classes are based on Ballet, Pilates and conditioning. This means you get a full body workout that’s fun, graceful and yields fast toning results.

By training in an upright position, we challenge our balance and work on our posture, while small isometric movements tone arms, legs and behinds without creating bulk.Barre Class

Barre – like Pilates – is a low­ impact, joint­ friendly class, mainly using our own body weight to strengthen and tone. It also improves your co-ordination, posture, balance and stamina, just like ballet but with ­no dance experience required!

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