Women’s Health and Pilates

Pilates is a movement modality that can be modified as needed for every woman’s body to promote health throughout their lives – from teenagers, to those in their twenties and thirties, for expectant mums, new mums, pre or post menopausal women and for those affected by illness. We have clients in their eighties who are coming to regular classes too – Pilates is really can support us our whole lives.


Prenatal Pilates This prenatal class is suitable for Mums to be and uses a modified Pilates program to keep you strong and healthy throughout your pregnancy. The class is suitable for those who are 12 weeks pregnant or more with clearance to participate from their doctor. We use a modified Matwork program as well as small equipment to help you support your body through pregnancy and beyond.

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This class is suitable for new Mums and their babies who have full clearance Postnatal Pilates from their health care professionals to return to exercise. Even if you have done Pilates before, getting back in pre-baby shape can be a challenge, so we have designed a progressive program to help you to reconnect to your abdominals, activate your pelvic floor muscles and then to tone, strengthen and stretch the areas that need it. You are welcome to bring your baby (up to crawling) to class. How soon you can join a class will depend on your delivery type – natural (after 6-8 weeks) or c-section (after 10-12 weeks), subject to clearance by your doctor and instructor. Please contact us prior to booking a class. New Dads are of course welcome too.

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Fit for Life

Fit for Life PilatesWhilst not aimed as a female only class, this 60 minute class is aimed at our more mature client . It’s a slower paced class where exercises are modified as needed – but don’t worry, you’ll still get a workout! Functional movements are included to help you outside the studio. We work on balance, posture, flexibility and strength during each and every class. We can accommodate clients with osteopenia or osteoporosis, as well as working with those with hip or knee replacements, arthritis and those recovering from injury. Of course those who are injury free are very welcome too.

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Pink Ribbon Pilates

pinkribbonpilates.ieThe Pink Ribbon Pilates Program is a Pilates based exercise program developed by breast cancer survivor, Doreen Puglisi, to assist breast cancer survivors with their recovery. It has been designed specifically to address the needs and challenges facing everyone recovering from breast cancer related surgery. We design programs on a client by client basis meaning that we build your strength and mobility back, gradually. We know how to work with those at risk from lymphoedema to ensure your workout is safe and appropriate. Our highly qualified instructors will guide you through a 6 week program of exercises designed to make every day activities as easy as they used to be. We will show you how to progressively stretch and strengthen your shoulders, chest and back to regain full range of movement. We also provide information on exercises you can do yourself at home.

We recommend a one to one assessment prior to joining any of the above classes.

We also work with a team of other health professionals too – local physiotherapists, GPs, lymphoedema specialists and women’s health specific physiotherapists.

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Barre Blitz

Barre Blitz

You don’t need any previous experience to join our Barre Blitz classes, but we recommend you are injury free as this is a high intensity class. We work on upper body, legs, bums and thighs and will include elements of ballet, Pilates, and yoga. Barre exercises rely mainly upon your bodyweight for resistance, and the moves challenge your core stability and balance. We also use the Pilates Reformer Jumpboards to add an extra dimension to your workout. These workouts are designed so you achieve a strong, sleek, and streamlined figure. Our classes are taught by professional dancers and dance teachers who are also certified Pilates instructors, so you get the best possible results from your workout.

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Here’s what some of our regular clients have to say…

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Katrin for the prenatal Pilates classes I attended! My baby boy was born on the 21st May and I found the Pilates knowledge I had gained in Katrin's class invaluable during labour and delivery.” Ita L, June 2016
"Thanks so much to you all for keeping me strong and mobile during the pregnancy, all the Pilates really kept me going. I really can't thank you all enough." Edel H, Aug 2016
"I really cannot praise the Live & Breathe Pilates team highly enough. I have been enjoying and benefiting from their superb expertise for several years. During my pregnancy I attended the pre-natal class which was wonderful for building my strength and flexibility – I have no doubt it was a huge help during the birth of my baby girl and with my recovery (post section) afterwards. I also enjoyed bonding with my baby and exercising together at the Mother and Baby classes. More recently, I have been working with Steph Grey on a one-to-one basis to address some immobilising lower back and serious pelvic pain. Before beginning my sessions, the most simple of everyday tasks was a challenge - walking was uncomfortable, lifting my little girl was a struggle, rolling over was difficult, even standing from a seated position was tough. Now, I honestly cannot believe the difference. Initially, Steph consulted my physiotherapist and my medical reports to gain a real understanding of the issues at hand before designing a targeted programme for me. With her coaching, attention to detail and positive encouragement I started to see results within a matter of weeks. Steph builds on the programme each week and I am now able for exercises on the reformer that I wouldn't ever have managed even in the whole of my health! Although we still have some way to go, I already feel like a new person. Thank you!" Elizabeth C, Sept 2015
“I thoroughly enjoyed Steph’s prenatal Pilates class during my recent pregnancy. Steph is an excellent instructor with significant experience. The different Pilates exercises were modified as my pregnancy progressed so I was able to continue classes until 38 weeks. As well as being really physically beneficial, it was a great way to meet other mums-to-be. I did not experience any back ache at all during my pregnancy and am certain this is due to my Pilates practice under Steph’s tuition.” Mary Collins
“I have been attending Steph’s classes for over 3 years now, including 2 sets of pre and post natal classes! I cannot recommend Steph highly enough, she is an excellent teacher and places great emphasis on doing the movements ‘technically’ right which is so important in Pilates. Steph’s classes are always friendly and welcoming. I have been so impressed with Steph’s philosophy of continuous improvement and commitment to her own professional development. I thoroughly enjoy the classes ( as does 6 month old baby Isaac at the moment!) and notice significant physical benefits from the work.” Mary C