Pilates for Teens

Pilates for Teens

Many of our clients tell us they wish they had been aware of Pilates earlier in Pilates for Teenslife so they could have avoided some of the injuries or aches they are now prone too.

If we can get people moving well at a younger age and empower them with the knowledge of how to maintain a strong, healthy body during their lifetime, that’s capable of all they ask of it, wouldn’t it be of benefit?

After all healthy children can become healthy adults. The physical, social and emotional benefits of being active in childhood will help set up our children for a healthier future.

Pilates for Teens is a new course offered on our schedule with the goal of bringing the benefits of this wonderful method to our younger clients.

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Our specially designed program can fill the gap between a school sports program Pilates for Teens 2and daily activities. Pilates can help improve your child’s posture, awareness, boost self-esteem and body confidence, while also increasing flexibility and improving stability. Pilates has also been shown to aid in injury prevention.

Invest in your teenager’s future with Pilates

By introducing them to the basic Pilates principles that govern this mind-body exercise, teenagers can learn how to develop a good understanding of how a balanced, strong body can last them a life time.

Injury prevention has been shown to be positively impacted by comprehensive neuromuscular programs that combine plyometrics, strength, balance, sport-specific technique and agility exercises, such as a well designed Pilates program.

In school-aged children, physical activity can lead to better academic achievement, increased attention span and improved behaviour.

Suitable for boys and girls between 13 and 18, our programs will help build strength, improve flexibility and build a strong foundation for a healthy body and mind. During each class, our certified instructors will guide a small group through a specially designed Pilates program.

Pilates is for everybody’s body.

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