Applying Pilates to Life

Integrate Pilates into your Day

We’re often asked for tips and advice about how to integrate Pilates into your day.

Life is busy, so rather than stress you out with yet more to do, for the moment just think about your alignment and your movement a bit more during your day. Be more aware.

We know many of you are sitting for work, so when you’re sitting, try to sit on your ischial tuberosities (that’s your sit bones in layman’s terms). Those little nubs you see at the bottom of your pelvis. Pelvis Bone AnatomyThat’s what they are designed for. Many times we slump and find ourselves sitting on our coccyx (tailbone). Try to stay more upright and take your head out of the laptop or phone now and again, like now!

Of course, we move and rotate and extend and flex our spines as we go through our day, but if we unload the joints and align them with more ease some of the time, we reduce tension and compression and then they’ll serve us longer. Plus in good alignment bones take more load which is good for your bone health too.

It’s the little things

Other little things you could add to your day Breathe Move Repeat– and it’s easier if you attach it to a previous habit include standing on one leg while you brush your teeth, especially on the side that’s hardest.

Then try brushing your teeth with your non dominant hand. OK, yes, that may mean toothpaste up your nose the first time, but hey, you’ll get better. At work, try using your mouse with the other hand…it’s easier than it sounds!

Do some deep breathing.

Get up, move more. Even if it’s just to walk around your chair every once in a while. Stretch out your calves. Roll your shoulders. Side bend sitting on your chair. Yawn and stretch.
Do 10 body-weight squats next time you visit the bathroom. Add more movement to your day to day with your Pilates principles in mind.

Every single system in your body requires movement to work well. Move more. Move well. Feel better. Apply your Pilates.