Slings Applied

First and foremost it is the Slings philosophy and your clear exercise intention that turn Slings into the holistic, health promoting body-mind integration training it is.

The Slings exercises, principles and myofascial training techniques can benefit many forms of movement training and bodywork therapies. For example:

  • Pilates = Pilates Slings.
  • Yoga = Yoga Slings.
  • Dance = Slings Dance.
  • Fitness = Slingsness.

We offer you a well-rounded, smoothly working myofascial movement concept – you create the training of your choice.


Certification in Movement Teaching or Therapy Slings can be combined with various movement modalities, for example Pilates, Yoga, dance, fitness, personal training and many more. Essentially, Slings can benefit all forms of training aiming for structural balance and optimized physical functionality through movement.

As a trained movement teacher or therapist, Slings Myofascial Training will enrich your existing skills and knowledge, equipping you with new teaching tools. Therefore it is important for you to have already acquired a sound understanding of basic anatomy and to have a proven, working exercise repertoire at your disposal; a good portion of curiosity and humour are also advantageous!