Pilates for the Hypermobile Client with Sheri Long

Working with clients with hypermobility can be a real challenge for Pilates instructors. Learn how to work with these clients in a workshop, Pilates for the Hypermobile Client with BASI Pilates faculty Sheri Long on Wednesday 27th of June, 2018.

This four hour workshop is a very practical and informative event teaching you skills on how to work with the Hypermobile client. You do not have to be BASI qualified to participate – the workshop is open to all schools.

Sheri Long is travelling from LA to come bring her years of experience and wonderful teaching skills to us.  We’re very excited to welcome Sheri back to our studio in Dublin and can’t wait to share her great info with you!

Followed by a two hour Marathon Mat Class.


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Pilates for the Hypermobile Client presented by Sheri Long

There are varying degrees of hypermobility and it is important for all Pilates teachers to know how to assist these clients and to keep them from injury.  The workshop is packed with practical ideas you can use immediately with your clients.

We’re very excited to welcome Sheri back to our studio in Dublin.


Wednesday 27th of June, 2018
10:30am – 2:30pm


The price for this workshop is €159.


This workshop is open to all previously certified Mat based Pilates instructors. You do not have to be BASI Pilates certified to participate.


Our Pilates studio is based in Dublin City Centre and is easily accessible by car or public transport.

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About Your Instructor

Sheri is a proud Senior Faculty member of the Body Arts and Science, International (BASI) BASI Pilates Sheri Longwith an extensive background in dance, fitness, and health. She is honoured to be teaching BASI Pilates Courses and Workshops around the world including locations in Ireland, Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada and throughout the United States. Sheri’s passion for the art of movement formed over 30 years ago as a professional dancer and teacher.

Following many years of practicing Pilates with her mentor, Rael Isacowitz, Sheri began a journey to introduce others to the magic of the BASI work. As a BASI graduate, Sheri opened her own studio named Longevity Pilates in El Segundo, California. There she provides private sessions, semi privates, and small group classes.

She is proud to have the opportunity to work with many of her fellow Pilates instructors and the population she is the most passionate about (and proudly refers to as) The Ageless Beauties. Sheri has been featured as Rael’s assistant in several educational webinars through the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) and numerous workshops including the Master Program. She continues to participate in ongoing education to refine her skills and teaching ability. She brings a commitment and passion for learning, believing the path to excellent teaching is through the experience of an avid student.

Sheri believes deeply in the philosophy of the BASI Pilates program. Utilising the progressions and methodology of the system and encouraging functionally correct biomechanics, while maintaining the quality and integrity of the original work of J.H. Pilates. Sheri is inspired by the past and encouraged by the future of Pilates, and the place BASI Pilates holds in the community. Sheri is the creator of the Pilates for the Mature Client courses.