Michelle Lyons Workshops

Live & Breathe Pilates are proud to work with a diverse team of high calibre educators to bring the latest evidence based courses on Women’s Health to you.

We’ve been working with Women’s Health physio and international educator, Michelle Lyons since 2017 to offer Pilates and yoga teachers, fitness professionals and physiotherapists the latest updates on training for women in all their life phases. These workshops will be a blend of lecture and movement and is ideal of all fitness professionals working with active females at all levels – recreational and professional.
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Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle

Embodying Your Living Architecture Through the Portal of the 3Core Connections® Embodied Perspective 

Join renowned educator Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle in Dublin for a three day immersive experience for teachers, based on her 3Core Connections® Embodied Perspective (3CCEP).

Wendy’s approach empowers us to find our own Wendy LeBlanc-Arbucklevoice and teaching style. Are you willing to give yourself time to explore, be curious and discover? Would you like to cultivate how “where you are coming from” determines the difference between controlling your body, or having a conversation with your body wisdom’s guidance.

Your set up greatly affects your results in your own progress, and with clients. It is through this portal of embodied awareness that we move beyond static muscle/bone cadaver based, biomechanical studies to a fluid, fascial biotensegrity perspective, and an inquiry into what is CORE from the body’s perspective.

Course Dates & Pricing

3 Day Immersive24 May 2019€795Enrol Now
Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle in Dublin, May 2019

The 3CCEP allows us to access and sense our living architecture – our body’s vital relationships from foot to head and hand that support us moving in the world with a global awareness that grows us as fully alive, aware, empathetic beings, who are self-healing and adaptive.

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Pilates for the Hypermobile Client with Sheri Long

Working with clients with hypermobility can be a real challenge for Pilates instructors. Learn how to work with these clients in a workshop, Pilates for the Hypermobile Client with BASI Pilates faculty Sheri Long on Wednesday 27th of June, 2018.

This four hour workshop is a very practical and informative event teaching you skills on how to work with the Hypermobile client. You do not have to be BASI qualified to participate – the workshop is open to all schools.

Sheri Long is travelling from LA to come bring her years of experience and wonderful teaching skills to us.  We’re very excited to welcome Sheri back to our studio in Dublin and can’t wait to share her great info with you!

Followed by a two hour Marathon Mat Class.


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Healthy Menopause – Michelle Lyons

Join Women’s Health and Wellness expert Michelle Lyons Michelle Lyonsfor this one day workshop where we will explore the anatomy, physiology and biopsychosocial issues that peri-menopausal women face.

If you work with women aged 35+ this is not to be missed.

Do you know the specific health issues in peri and post-menopause issues that women face? Bone health? Pelvic Health? Brain Health? Heart Health?

Do you know how to prescribe exercise to to help balance hormones?

Do you know the precautions and contra-indications to do it safely?

Did you know that according to the Irish Dept of Health & Children, around 260,000 women in Ireland are going through the menopause at any one time.

We’ll have plenty of time for discussion, questions (and answers!) and movement prescriptions, demonstration and participation.

After request from participants on previous workshops, we’re delighted to welcome Michelle Lyons, Women’s Health Integrative Physio and co-founder of the Women’s Health Physiotherapy Group back to the studio to teach this workshop.

This workshop is for therapists and movement professionals with an interest in learning about and deepening their understanding of working with peri and post menopausal women for their own personal education and exploration.

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Centered – A Five Day Intensive with Madeline Black

After reading her book Centered: Organizing the Body Through Kinesiology, Movement Theory and Pilates Technique cover to cover, we’re delighted to welcome Centered Madeline BlackMadeline Black to the studio for a five day intensive for teachers in October 2018.

The body moves in a predictably non-linear way. Madeline Black is developing a series of trainings to immerse the movement teacher into a highly focused and engaging experience to better understand these body movements and patterns.

Madeline’s approach to training is an organic process focused on precision and highly tuned movement techniques. The “Immersive” trainings are for experts in movement looking to advance their education, perception, intuition, and manual skills. Madeline escorts each participant through personal feedback on the process of working with the body. She customises each segment to match the needs and energy of the participants which provides a unique experience for each instructor.

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Pilates Matwork for the Mature Client

Pilates for the Mature ClientGrowing older does not have to mean giving up on an active lifestyle for your older clients.

Whether it’s continuing to play tennis or golf or simply playing with grandchildren, today’s elders do not easily relinquish the activities that have sustained them throughout their long lives.

Pilates can keep the mature population active, but the Pilates instructors who deal with them need to understand any possible limitations of their elderly clients.

Join us for this one day workshop, Pilates for the Mature Client with BASI Pilates faculty Sheri Long on Wednesday 27th of June, 2018.

We’re very happy to welcome Sheri back to our studio in Dublin.

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Pilates for Pregnancy & Beyond – Ashley Ritchie

This Certificate Course is currently taught online by BASI Pilates faculty, Ashley Ritchie. Pilates for Pregnancy & BeyondThe course will give you an in-depth understanding of the process the mother-to-be is going through within and the physical changes within that pregnancy brings.

The course will take you through the three trimesters, the “Red Flag” conditions, exercise recommendations, modifications and assists. Hormonal affects from pregnancy, birthing and feeding the new born as well as Post pregnancy training protocols will be addressed. Diastasis Recti, what it is and how to treat it will also be discussed in detail. The format is Zoom based and includes lecture but also plenty of opportunities for movement too.

This program is approved by the PMA for 19 CECs.

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Slings Myofascial Training 2018

Mumu and Karin art of movement academy
What moves us? Three words that have been on my mind for a number of years says Karin Gurtner, creator of the Slings courses. Rather than looking for exclusive answers, I let them inspire me to create a movement concept that values science, functional anatomy, humanness and the imponderable alike. I called it Slings because of the myofascial slings that modulate motion and the somato-psycho-emotional-social slings that motivate our movements.

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Anatomy Trains in Motion – Myofascial Meridians for Movement Therapists 2018

Essentially Anatomy Trains in Motion is an anatomy course in which you will increase your depth of knowledge and gain a new perspective of Thomas W. Myers’ Anatomy Trains Anatomy Trains in Motionconcept in relation to body-minded movement. The course is filled with functional anatomy, movement relevant information and practical applications that not only sound good on paper, but also work well in real life. Anatomy Trains in Motion lies the foundation for the Slings Myofascial Training education.

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At the heart of the course are the myofascial meridians. Understanding the lines’ integral anatomy, workings, sensory qualities and relationships are invaluable for body reading, clear movement intention, lesson planning and teaching. Yes, myofascial meridians are so much more than ‘lines’ that can be ‘superimposed’ onto exercises!

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BASI Pilates in Dublin

Live & Breathe Pilates are proud to be the BASI Pilates Host in Ireland and studio owner Steph is the Irish Faculty for BASI.

In conjunction with our Matwork and Comprehensive Programs, we also offer regular Mentorship Days, Workshops, Certificate Courses and Teachers Only classes to support our students.

Our goal is to bring the best education available to those embarking on their Pilates career, with a supportive
community of mentors, graduates and fellow students working and moving together.
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