“I started doing Pilates with Steph around 3 or 4 years ago. I’m not young and I’m not skinny, and hadn’t done proper exercise for years. I went as I had lots of back problems – constant lower back and hip pain, trapped nerve in shoulder etc, and was thinking of buying shares in Nurofen Plus and heat pads as I was using them on a daily basis. It’s hard to describe how Pilates has helped without sounding like one of those ‘miracle cure’ converts. But it has really helped my movement and mobility – I feel so much stronger and the back pain is virtually just a bad memory. I went to other Pilates teachers who were good but came back to Steph – she’s a real stickler for technique and makes the class effective and enjoyable. I’d recommend Pilates to anyone.” Freda

“I didn’t realise that most of us really do start to lose muscle tone after the age of 30 or so until I attempted Pilates. This is really true if you do a good deal of desk work, and don’t get much other regular exercise. Each class Pilates offers the chance to begin to make up for any losses in flexibility and strength. It’s a great investment in your physical and mental well being. Steph’s classes are small enough to ensure that each student receives individual attention. You can continually challenge and build on your abilities, making the most of the time you devote to working out. I would recommend these classes to anyone interested in doing Pilates or discovering a new opportunity to improve their physical fitness.” Barbara Caska

“Steph’s classes came highly recommended to me by my physiotherapist who thought they would benefit the issues I was having with my neck/upper back. I thoroughly enjoyed the first class I attended in September 2010 & felt results immediately. I now look forward to my weekly class. I have developed an increased awareness of my body, my posture & balance have improved & I feel stronger. I have embraced Pilates as part of my every day life and feel it benefits me holistically. Steph is a wonderful instructor. Her classes are relaxed, varied & because of their size, you get individual attention. I aspire to become half as flexible as Steph :-)” Lynda Barber

“I started Pilates on the recommendation of my rheumatologist, as I suffer from Ankylosing Spondylitis, a form of arthritis in the spine. The rheumatologist stressed the need to have good core muscles and also good posture. I began taking classes with Live & Breathe Pilates about 2 and a half years ago and my posture, core muscles and the flexibility in my spine has improved greatly. Steph is a brilliant instructor and makes each class thoroughly enjoyable. I can’t recommend Live & Breathe Pilates enough.” Celine Tormey

“I heard Pilates was an excellent way to build strength and after some problems with my back, my physiotherapist recommended it as the exercise which would help me considerably. That is exactly what it has done. I no longer have such back problems and find the added benefits have made me feel stronger and fitter. And in its own way, learning Pilates with Steph has helped me become more finely tuned to how I can develop my own physical strengths while still working within my boundaries. The fact that the pace and type of movement can be altered to suit your needs and abilities is very encouraging. Learning Pilates with Steph has been hugely beneficial for me, with encouragement and focus you see the results sooner than you think – once you stay with it.” Kathy Saunders

“I thoroughly enjoyed Steph’s prenatal Pilates class during my recent pregnancy. Steph is an excellent instructor with significant experience. The different Pilates exercises were modified as my pregnancy progressed so I was able to continue classes until 38 weeks. As well as being really physically beneficial, it was a great way to meet other mums-to-be. I did not experience any back ache at all during my pregnancy and am certain this is due to my Pilates practice under Steph’s tuition.” Mary Collins

“I have been attending Steph’s classes for over 3 years now, including 2 sets of pre and post natal classes! I cannot recommend Steph highly enough, she is an excellent teacher and places great emphasis on doing the movements ‘technically’ right which is so important in Pilates. Steph’s classes are always friendly and welcoming. I have been so impressed with Steph’s philosophy of continuous improvement and commitment to her own professional development. I thoroughly enjoy the classes ( as does 6 month old baby Isaac at the moment!) and notice significant physical benefits from the work.” Mary C

“As I spend most of my day sitting at a desk, I find Pilates particularly beneficial in terms of stretching my body out and improving my posture. I have been attending classes for over two years and have really noticed an improvement in my core strength, flexibility and general fitness. I enjoy the mix of both an individual Reformer class and a group mat class every week. Steph is an excellent instructor and her classes are never tedious or boring as she only takes a small group and varies the Pilates exercises each week. I would highly recommend Pilates to anybody of any age, I always feel much better and an inch taller after a class!” Aedín

“I’m in my mid-fifties and spend more time than I should crunched over a computer.  A few years ago my back went from being a bit niggly to being a serious and continual pain.  It affected my work, my temper, my self-confidence, the lot.  Pilates isn’t a quick fix but it does work.  I feel so much better.  Steph is a marvelous teacher, calm and encouraging.  The classes are a real pleasure.  I always walk away with a spring in my step.” Melissa Murray

“In late 2009 I started to experience back pain. I spent most of the Christmas  2009 lying horizontally – the only pain-free position I could discover. Early in 2010 I was directed to Steph and her Pilates exercises by my physiotherapist. From my first session on the Reformer I felt better. And the improvement in my core strength and flexibility have banished the back pain. I now try and have a weekly one-on-one session with Steph and can’t recommend her and Pilates too highly.” John R. Healy