“I really cannot praise the Live & Breathe Pilates team highly enough. I have been enjoying and benefiting from their superb expertise for several years. During my pregnancy I attended the pre-natal class which was wonderful for building my strength and flexibility – I have no doubt it was a huge help during the birth of my baby girl and with my recovery (post section) afterwards. I also enjoyed bonding with my baby and exercising together at the Mother and Baby classes. More recently, I have been working with Steph Grey on a one-to-one basis to address some immobilising lower back and serious pelvic pain. Before beginning my sessions, the most simple of everyday tasks was a challenge – walking was uncomfortable, lifting my little girl was a struggle, rolling over was difficult, even standing from a seated position was tough. Now, I honestly cannot believe the difference. Initially, Steph consulted my physiotherapist and my medical reports to gain a real understanding of the issues at hand before designing a targeted programme for me. With her coaching, attention to detail and positive encouragement I started to see results within a matter of weeks. Steph builds on the programme each week and I am now able for exercises on the reformer that I wouldn’t ever have managed even in the whole of my health! Although we still have some way to go, I already feel like a new person. Thank you!” Elizabeth C, Sept 2015

“There is a really lovely, calm, welcoming atmosphere in the studio which I love and the teachers are brilliant. The classes are always a bit different so I never get bored and they last a full hour unlike a lot of other places I’ve been to. Plus the instructors are so friendly and always seem genuinely pleased to see me. Right from my first visit I left feeling like I wanted to come back again. It really is a pleasure to come to class here.” Rachel J, June 2016

“I signed up to one to one Pilates with Steph in November 2015 three months after a micro-discectomy surgery for a severe herniated disc at L4 – with back pain and left leg sciatica. After the surgery my back and legs were very nervy, stiff and weak. I was also fairly traumatised to the point I was afraid to do any sort of activity. So far I’ve completed 10 sessions and I am like a new person! It’s hard to believe that after a few sessions my posture, flexibility, strength and confidence has changed so much to the point family and friends have noticed. I walk, stand and sit better than I ever have before. The best part is I now have the strength to care, lift and play with my 14 month old daughter.

I can’t thank Live & Breathe Pilates enough for putting so much time into each session. I find every class exciting! Steph keeps things very focused and guides me carefully through moves helping me connect my mind and understand the purpose of the move. She assesses me before each class and tailors moves to help me with any problem areas. The attention and training Steph provides in each session is excellent. Pilates has become part of my life and routine and given me an new outlook on my mind, body and health.” Anna D, January 2016

“When I started with Live and Breathe Pilates I had significant back and hip pain, to the extent that I was finding any kind of exercise impossible. Running was out of the question, and even things like cycling and swimming caused discomfort. This had led to my feeling run down quite a lot as a result of poor sleep and a general lack of fitness, and this in turn resulted in despondency setting in and a negative outlook towards any kind of exercise. However, I have four young children, so this really was not something I could afford to live with. A friend had done Pilates before and recommended it, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I found the classes have worked well for me: the instructors are attentive and professional, always pushing me just that right amount for my level, starting off with exercises I could manage and slowly adding new and more challenging ones. Most importantly, it has helped my back: I started feeling better within a couple of weeks and gradually the pain, which had frequently kept me awake at night, subsided. A year later, I am now back exercising on a (somewhat) regular basis and — though I still have some way to go — am feeling positive. Class continues to be a challenge, but always enjoyable. Also, as a self-employed person who works from home and whose evenings are extremely busy, it’s also convenient for me to be able to take the 45-minute lunchtime session.” Mike S, November 2015

“I started attending mat Pilates classes a year ago at Live & Breathe after many years of attending different professionals for my lower back pain, sciatica and sacroiliac pain. I was a bit unsure about starting Pilates classes as I felt I was unfit and out of shape but the individualised attention from teachers and their encouragement made getting started a fun and enjoyable process. I feel I am progressing at my own pace and specifically for my individual needs. Since then I have no more back pain and I feel more flexible every day. After class sometimes I even feel taller!” Adela C, September 2015

“I began attending classes at Live & Breathe Pilates a year ago. At the time I was recovering from a serious illness for which I had been hospitalised for 6 months. I had previously been a fit and active person but I was left with chronic fatigue and my muscles were so weak that any form of exercise was painful, especially in my back. I have found the Essential Back Care Class with Katrin to be a safe and relaxing class, which helped me improve my body awareness and core muscles. As a result of the high quality and personalised care from the Live & Breathe Pilates team, my energy and general fitness have improved so much that I have been able to return to tag rugby this summer. ” Denise C, July 2015

“I have had on-going back problems for over two years and the last six months I’ve spent with Live and Breathe have improved things dramatically. I’ve been working with Steph Grey on a one-to-one basis and, having built up the necessary basic strength, will soon be joining classes. Steph is very attentive, encouraging and knowledgeable tailoring sessions to suit overall problems and also specific issues which may occur between sessions. Steph has also worked closely with my physiotherapist which has given me extra comfort that I’m on the right rehabilitation path. In Steph’s absence, I have found the other instructors to be equally attentive and knowledgeable. Highly recommend Live & Breathe Pilates studios” Donna M, July 2015

“I’ve always done some type of exercise but when I developed sciatica and nerve damage in my lower back it limited me to literally no exercise. I was taking painkillers and anti-inflammatory tablets for about 2 years. My Doctor recommended I try Pilates. I joined up and I’ve just completed my 7th session. Most of my classes were with Mariapia who I can’t praise enough……she has helped and guided me so much and I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my posture and core strength. But most importantly I have not taken any painkillers or anti-inflammatory tablets in about 3 weeks. I feel Pilates has given me back my life and most importantly it has allowed me to return to exercise basically free from pain. Mariapia provided me with a home program (half an hour) which I make time to do every day. All the instructors are extremely accomplished tutors and I can’t highly recommend the team enough…….keep up the good work!” Valerie B, June 2015

“I’ve always done many types of fitness but with a hip injury it limited me to almost no exercise. My research brought me to Live & Breathe Pilates, who helped me find a great Physiotherapist too. They co-ordinate with my physio, so I’m being treated & then trained. I’m back walking & biking again thanks to an excellent group of exceptionally qualified instructors in a bright, clean & very well equipped studio. My husband & I do duet classes as well as one to ones.
We are so pleased to be stronger and our posture continues to improve. We’re feeling fit from a great new way to train” Barbara D, April 2015

“I joined ‘Live & Breathe Pilates’ Fit for Life class about a year and a half ago.
Best thing I ever did!!
Live & Breathe have outstanding instructors and teachers who are deeply committed to Pilates and hugely knowledgeable. They have an eagle eye and watch over us, which helps massively for our technique. They have an exceptional ability to incorporate our current aches and pains into their class plan and by the end of class those specific ills will have been helped no end.
The studio is driven by their commitment to their clients(us) and a commitment to transmitting Pilates at it’s best. This commitment also leads them to organise frequent and varied workshops, always excellent and worthwhile.
Classes are small, great fun (we laugh a lot) hard work and very varied. Invariably, I come out more energised, more flexible and more positive. Interestingly, any time I have gone to class feeling unwell or below par, I finish feeling physically and mentally much better.
Pilate classes at ‘Live & Breathe’ have improved my flexibility, my strength and my balance very significantly. Best of all, since I started my injuries have pretty well disappeared. (I play tennis, not well but enthusiastically, and always seemed to have at least one injury on the go). Now I live in a state of bliss !!
The studio itself is central and a very pleasant space, exceptionally well equipped, and lovely to work in.” Alil, March 2015