Take a Deep Breath

We’re all about breathing deeply, widely and openly at Live & Breathe Pilates.

So we’re delighted to welcome Deirdre O’Connor back to the studio this May with her Take a Deep Breath workshop.

There is breathing – and there is Breathing, with a capital B.

Open hearted, full body breathing that creates wave like spinal moments which feel juicy Deirdre O'Connorand alive.
Breath inspires us, literally, and takes us out of the murky lethargy that seems to land in our bodies over the winter months.

It also allows us to move with fluidity and grace, and enlivens our very beings as it carries breath-infused prana to places of stagnation and tension

. Often our breath is the exact opposite of this – shallow, constricted, anxiety making half-breaths is more often our lot, particularly if we are leading busy, demanding lives.
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BASI Pilates in Dublin 2016

Live & Breathe Pilates are delighted to welcome BASI Pilates back to Dublin in 2016. We are also hosting BASI in 2017.

After hosting a BASI logojoint BASI Pilates Open Day we have seen a strong demand for BASI Pilates training in Ireland. We will offer Matwork and Fully Comprehensive Courses in conjunction with BASI in our studio in Dublin in 2016.

These courses will run over three weekends in May, July and September 2016. Read more on all courses below.

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ToeSox Header

We ask all of our clients wear socks in the studio, mainly for hygiene reasons but also so they get a good grip on the apparatus. We stock ToeSox in our studio as we think they’re the business. There’s lots of great colours and styles, and the individual toes help spread the muscles in your feet.

The ToeSox unique five-toe design allows the entire foot to perform naturally, encouraging the toes to separate and activate the muscles in the feet. ToeSox increase dexterity, tactile sensitivity and awareness during any activity. ToeSox are hygienic and practical, keeping your feet warm during normal barefoot activities, whilst preventing you from slipping.

You can see their latest catalog online and place your order in person in the studio, or email us. We do not offer a shipping service – collection from the studio only.

Size Guidefootprint
S = UK 3.5 to 5
M = UK 6 to 8.5
L = UK 8.5 to 10.5

Regular Style €12 per pair
Bella Style €14 per pair
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Body Rolling – Therapeutic Myofascial Release

We’re delighted to welcome Deirdre O’Connor back to the studio to teach her Body Rolling Workshop for Myofascial Release. During the workshop we use balls of various sizes and densities to knead out tightness. Body RollingIt enables each joint to be stimulated with gentle traction and rotation movements. This deep tissue work elongates and aligns muscles, softens fascial restrictions and leaves us with a delicious feeling of spaciousness and ease in our joints, limbs, muscles and fascia.

Whether one seeks relief from pain and structural problems or simply a healthier stress-free body, Body Rolling is a complete neuromuscular education of and for the body and mind.

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Exercise for MS and Pilates for MS with Mariska Breland 2015

Mariska Breland, founder of the Pilates for MS™ Teacher Training Program will be Mariska Brelandin Dublin to teach her Exercise for MS Course at Live & Breathe Pilates this November 28th & 29th. We have also just added a third day on November 30th for Pilates for MS.

The initial two day course incorporates the latest research in neuroplasticity and neurorehabilitation into a Pilates based exercise program designed to address common problems associated with multiple sclerosis.

Exercise for MS is an acclaimed course that covers the MS disease process in depth, as well as issues common to many neurological diseases, including balance difficulties, weakness, muscle spasticity, bladder problems, gait abnormalities, as well as the principles and applications of neuromuscular rehabilitation and neuroplasticity in exercise. You will learn how to assess causes of balance problems, work with single side weakness to create better muscle balance, diagnose ineffective compensations and help remedy them, the importance of how and when to stretch to manage spasticity, and techniques to create “detour circuitry” in the brain and spinal cord to work around existing nervous system damage, and much more. Since the course covers so many problems common to the general population too, you will have tools to work with other students too, especially the aging, and those with neurological conditions or muscle imbalances.

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We have also just added a third day to this course on Monday 30th of November – Pilates for MS. This additional day is open to those who have previously completed and passed the Exercise for MS course. It focuses specifically on the Pilates apparatus – Reformer, Cadillac etc. This is a 7 hour course and runs form 09:30 – 17:30 on Monday 30th of November 2015.

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We are also hosting a Mat Masterclass with Mariska on Friday 27th at 6pm. This 90 minute mat class is open to instructors as well as clients. Not for the faint hearted this energetic workout will get the blood pumping while getting your body strong and supple. This class is not suitable for beginners, those with injuries or underlying conditions or pre / postnatal clients.

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Pink Ribbon Pilates

Restoring Movement, Enhancing Wellness

Pink Ribbon PilatesLive & Breathe Pilates and Reform Pilates in Blackrock, Co Dublin are excited to announce the launch of Pink Ribbon Pilates a collaboration between our two studios.

The Pink Ribbon Pilates program caters specifically for those affected by breast cancer surgery and is based on the Pink Ribbon Program for post operative rehab.

We believe commencing a Pilates program as soon as possible post surgery is a key part of recovery and regaining function and have seen this first hand with our clients. Don’t just take our word for it, you can read the testimonials in their own words.
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Pilates for Breast Cancer Rehab

Pink Ribbon ProgramOur aim at Live & Breathe Pilates is to provide a path to recovery and better movement for everyone, especially those affected by breast cancer or other cancers. Gentle exercise can be very beneficial for those recovering from surgery or taking treatment.

You can read lots more info on our Pink Ribbon Pilates website.

What is the Pink Ribbon Program?

Commencing an exercise program as soon as possible post surgery is a key part of recovery and regaining function for women, and for those men affected too.
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Rebekah Rotstein – Instructor in Residence

We’re delighted to say that after her sold out Buff Bones workshop with us last weekend, Rebekah is staying on in Dublin for a couple of months and will be working with Live & Breathe Pilates to provide a series of Courses, Masterclasses and Teaching Clinics this summer.

Rebekah is a well know osteoporosis expert and a regular contributor to Pilates Anytime. You can read her full bio on her website Incorporating Movement.

Supporting Hypermobility hypermobility

Saturday 18th of July from 13:30 – 16:30

Hypermobility is a tricky issue, with the struggle to stabilize causing frustration in both the client and teacher. In this 3 hour course for instructors we discover successful methods of assisting your hypermobile clients through fascial release & reintegration techniques, strength protocols and neuromuscular re-patterning exercises. We also learn about commonly resulting problems like myofascial pain syndrome, trigger points, faulty muscle recruitment techniques and the tendency to over-stabilize.

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Somatics & Pilates – Part 2

by Katrin Neue

In Part 1 of this blog post we talked about what Somatic Movement is and how we can use it to help release tight bodies and muscles. In this second part we talk about the links between Pilates and Somatics.

How Somatics can help you perfect your Pilates?

Some of the more common complaints we hear in a Pilates class are tight and Somatics Seated Twiststiff necks and tired hip flexors. Even if you’re otherwise strong and active, some parts of your body may not work optimally or efficiently as they could during Pilates. We want your movements to flow so you gain that controlled, effortless technique that we all strive for. Somatics and Pilates share a lot of key principles and if using Somatic Movement to ‘level yourself’ before refining your movement further through Pilates, it’s a perfect match.
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