Body Rolling – Therapeutic Myofascial Release

We’re delighted to welcome Deirdre O’Connor back to the studio to teach her Body Rolling Workshop for Myofascial Release. During the workshop we use balls of various sizes and densities to knead out tightness. Body RollingIt enables each joint to be stimulated with gentle traction and rotation movements. This deep tissue work elongates and aligns muscles, softens fascial restrictions and leaves us with a delicious feeling of spaciousness and ease in our joints, limbs, muscles and fascia.

Whether one seeks relief from pain and structural problems or simply a healthier stress-free body, Body Rolling is a complete neuromuscular education of and for the body and mind.

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Stage One – Cranky Hips and Shoulder Release

Using the balls to facilitate lengthening and release of fascia in those places that even the best stretch may not reach!

Stage Two – Psoas Abdominal Release

Releases anxiety deep in the belly and helps resolve issues such as IBS, slow digestion, stubborn belly fat and long-term anxiety.

Stage Three – Balls before Botox

Release the furrows in your brow, unclench your jaw, and soften the habitual frown that can result in headaches, TMJ pain, sinus problems, eyestrain, loss of skin elasticity and even premature wrinkles.


More about Deirdre

Deirdre O Connor is an Holistic Sleep Therapist, a Yoga teacher and a Craniosacral Therapist. Deirdre O'Connor

For almost 20 years Deirdre has been exploring, training, teaching and experiencing Yoga – initially with the Bihar School of Yoga in india where she trained and lived for almost 3 years exploring many different Yoga styles – Hatha, Bhakti, Jhana and Karma Yoga.

She trained further in Meditation and Buddhist Philosophy, and during that time undertook many intensive meditation retreats over the years, including several of over 3-months duration under the guidance of teachers of the Dalai Lama.

Her deep love of movement rests on her faith in our ability to foster a natural self-balancing and healing awareness in ourselves.

Deirdre’s current teachings are based in a merging of the traditional yoga teachings and the intuitive awareness of what our bodies and minds need to heal and replenish themselves. Having trained also in Massage, Homeopathy and Craniosacral Therapy she has a strong basis in therapies which promote this awareness.

Further trainings with Shiva Rea and Twee Merrigan, who both embody this way of teaching Yoga, has deepened her own experience and has shown her many ways to encourage the body and mind to come to a place of calm and deep rest.