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We ask all of our clients wear socks in the studio, mainly for hygiene reasons but also so they get a good grip on the apparatus. We stock ToeSox in our studio as we think they’re the business. There’s lots of great colours and styles, and the individual toes help spread the muscles in your feet.

The ToeSox unique five-toe design allows the entire foot to perform naturally, encouraging the toes to separate and activate the muscles in the feet. ToeSox increase dexterity, tactile sensitivity and awareness during any activity. ToeSox are hygienic and practical, keeping your feet warm during normal barefoot activities, whilst preventing you from slipping.

You can see their latest catalog online and place your order in person in the studio, or email us. We do not offer a shipping service – collection from the studio only.

Size Guidefootprint
S = UK 3.5 to 5
M = UK 6 to 8.5
L = UK 8.5 to 10.5

Regular Style €12 per pair
Bella Style €14 per pair

“We call on Pilates to bring us greater control of our muscles and our movements. While we explore the beauty of form on the Reformer, Cadillac and Chair, our core is engaged and our bodies build internal heat. Before long, the fluid movements make our palms and feet a little sweaty. It’s hard to stay in control when you’re losing your grip. That’s why so many Pilates studios require Pilates socks for student safety and equipment cleanliness.”  Toesox