Pilates for Breast Cancer Rehab

Pink Ribbon ProgramOur aim at Live & Breathe Pilates is to provide a path to recovery and better movement for everyone, especially those affected by breast cancer or other cancers. Gentle exercise can be very beneficial for those recovering from surgery or taking treatment.

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What is the Pink Ribbon Program?

Commencing an exercise program as soon as possible post surgery is a key part of recovery and regaining function for women, and for those men affected too.

A build up of scar tissue, protective posturing and the consequences of treatment all mean that day to day movements and activities such as shampooing your hair, putting on your bra or reaching up to a shelf can be more difficult.

The Pink Ribbon Program and the exercise programs we design on a client by client basis mean that we build your strength and mobility back, gradually. We know how to work with those at risk from lymphedema to ensure your workout is safe.

Why Live & Breathe Pilates?

Live & Breathe Pilates provides a supportive, caring, safe and friendly Pilates for Breast Cancer Rehabenvironment for those coming back to exercise after surgery or even during any adjuvant treatments. Yes, you can exercise during chemo/radiation (subject to clearance from your doctor) – depending on your energy levels and we can even offer 15 minute sessions to facilitate you. Steph has been working with Breast Cancer clients since 2011 and has seen firsthand how Pilates can improve your day to day activities and get clients back to their regular routines.

How does it work?

We work on a one to one basis with clients and also offer a six week post-surgical group program (subject to an initial assessment). Contact us to discuss the best options for you.

We also recommend what we call “pre-hab” if you are scheduled for surgery in future. We will work with you to build your core strength, improve your posture and get you ready to cope with the physical challenges that treatment can throw at you.

We work closely with our extended professional network of lymphedema specialists, doctors and physios to ensure the best possible program for you on the road to recovery.

Testimonials from our clients

“I had practiced Pilates for a number of years prior to having surgery for a breast cancer diagnosis in 2012. I have no doubt that Pilates was instrumental in assisting my recovery in terms of mobility and physical strength.

In addition to this physical recovery returning to Pilates gave me back the confidence in being aware of my body again as a healthy and active woman”. Maura Q

“I had been doing Pilates with Steph for 5 years when I heard the two little words women dread to hear. Breast cancer. I has a mastectomy in January 2014 and the care I got from the medical profession was marvellous. But it is time specific. Sooner or later you have to deal with the new reality on your own.

Or in fact not on your own. Once I got the green light from the doctors [about six weeks post surgery] I started coming to Steph for half hour one on one sessions. We took things slowly. I had complete trust in her. Gradually I got the full range of movement back in my arm, shoulder and side. The Pilates gave me confidence. I felt I was in control of my own healing process and I am sure that had a big impact of how I deal emotionally with my new body.

Coming to the studio was the best decision I could have made. The professionalism and the kindness of the instructors at the studio made a huge difference to my recovery. I can’t recommend them too highly” – Melissa

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What is Pink Ribbon Pilates?