New Year’s Resolutions

So, it’s that time of year again. You’re thinking about taking down the Christmas tree, there’s no turkey left, The-Correct-Way-To-Weigh-Yourselfyou’ve gotten through the tin of Roses and the recycling bin is full to overflowing. You’re probably thinking it’s time to get some resolutions going to lose weight / give up smoking / stop eating chocolate / stop drinking alcohol / detox etc.

Well, consider how many times you have decided on some New Year’s resolutions and how many time they have worked for you. Only 8% of people manage to keep them going after 6 weeks, so if you didn’t keep them up, you’re not on your own!

Don’t get me wrong – if you’re motivated to start looking after yourself a bit more, that’s fantastic. But the approach many of us take of just cutting things out is never going to work – you’re going to feel deprived, and will go straight back to the way you were doing things when your “resolution” fizzles out. So why not look at it in a more positive light? Adding more healthy things into your life is a great way to do this – you could add a walk at lunchtime, add some extra veggies to your dinner plate, add some Pilates to your day – whatever you want. Once you start feeling a bit healthier and a bit more motivated, you’re more likely to stick to these new healthy habits. And seeing as it only takes 30 days to Form a Habit* – what’s stopping you?

So stop “giving up”, and think of adding something instead.

*that’s the topic of our next blog post!