“When I started with Live and Breathe Pilates I had significant back and hip pain, to the extent that I was finding any kind of exercise impossible. Running was out of the question, and even things like cycling and swimming caused discomfort. This had led to my feeling run down quite a lot as a result of poor sleep and a general lack of fitness, and this in turn resulted in despondency setting in and a negative outlook towards any kind of exercise. However, I have four young children, so this really was not something I could afford to live with. A friend had done Pilates before and recommended it, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I found the classes have worked well for me: the instructors are attentive and professional, always pushing me just that right amount for my level, starting off with exercises I could manage and slowly adding new and more challenging ones. Most importantly, it has helped my back: I started feeling better within a couple of weeks and gradually the pain, which had frequently kept me awake at night, subsided. A year later, I am now back exercising on a (somewhat) regular basis and — though I still have some way to go — am feeling positive. Class continues to be a challenge, but always enjoyable. Also, as a self-employed person who works from home and whose evenings are extremely busy, it’s also convenient for me to be able to take the 45-minute lunchtime session.” Mike S, November 2015