“I signed up to one to one Pilates with Steph in November 2015 three months after a micro-discectomy surgery for a severe herniated disc at L4 – with back pain and left leg sciatica. After the surgery my back and legs were very nervy, stiff and weak. I was also fairly traumatised to the point I was afraid to do any sort of activity. So far I’ve completed 10 sessions and I am like a new person! It’s hard to believe that after a few sessions my posture, flexibility, strength and confidence has changed so much to the point family and friends have noticed. I walk, stand and sit better than I ever have before. The best part is I now have the strength to care, lift and play with my 14 month old daughter.

I can’t thank Live & Breathe Pilates enough for putting so much time into each session. I find every class exciting! Steph keeps things very focused and guides me carefully through moves helping me connect my mind and understand the purpose of the move. She assesses me before each class and tailors moves to help me with any problem areas. The attention and training Steph provides in each session is excellent. Pilates has become part of my life and routine and given me an new outlook on my mind, body and health.” Anna D, January 2016