“I recently passed my BASI Mat Certificate Course with Live & Breathe Pilates. I found Steph and her team incredibly helpful and supportive throughout my journey. I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Live and Breathe studio each week and learned so much from each visit. They really are Pilates gurus.
The BASI course was very challenging but was soooo worth it, as I am now a very strong and confident Pilates Instructor. I completed this course while still working and with a 2 year old toddler having no Pilates instructor experience previously. I would highly recommend the BASI Course and the Live & Breathe Pilates studio.” Martina D

“Since I first trained as a Pilates teacher I have been a big fan of BASI so I was thrilled when I discovered that BASI Teacher Training was taking place at Live & Breathe as it offered me a chance to further my training but also to become part of the BASI community. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, met wonderful people and found the instructors to be excellent – incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, patient and fun! It was a proud moment when I received my BASI certificate last year. Live & Breathe is such a great studio to work in and Steph the owner, could not be more supportive and has done everything she can to offer incredible support to students past and present. BASI has always struck me as having a wonderful community of teachers and student and I think this is really obvious in the Dublin contingent! I can’t recommend BASI or Live & Breathe highly enough.” Gráinne O’D

“I have been teaching Pilates for over 17 years and am a great believer in continuing education. I completed the BASI Comprehensive Course in 2016 and would highly recommend it. It was fantastic to find a course that included all of the apparatus as well as the matwork. It was a great investment and upon completing the course, my business naturally expanded.

In particular,
1. The tutors were excellent – very knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging. Rael’s passion and focus on the precision of exercises shone through!
2. The Block System has been an invaluable tool in planning my classes.
3. The online resources, including the library of student case studies and Pilates Interactive are extremely useful.
4. As part of the BASI family, I now have a network of teachers all around the world.

‘Live & Breathe’ is a lovely, bright studio – well located in an old part of Dublin with great cafes/parks nearby! Steph welcomes you no matter what your Pilates background and encourages teachers to continue to practice together to maintain a high standard of teaching. Can’t recommend this course enough!” Joan B

“Delighted I embarked on my BASI Pilates journey with Steph at Live & Breathe. I would highly recommend the BASI training course. All the mentors are highly qualified and impart so much knowledge and information. They have been truly inspirational. Live & Breathe studio is such a beautiful bright space to work in and a great location. Steph & her team are so welcoming and approachable and are always on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have. Doing my BASI training course here has been a wonderful experience. The support and use of facilities has been fantastic. There is a huge emphasis on building a BASI community which I really love. It is super to meet up and practice with others who are training also.” Aoife D

“Live & Breathe Pilates is my happy place! Steph & the team are highly trained, experienced, knowledgeable & friendly. The studio is beautiful – an amazing & welcoming space for class work, practice & learning. As a long-term client, I took the leap within the last year to study for the BASI mat qualification. It has been a wonderful experience -impressive tutors with ongoing support & mentorship. I cannot recommend Live & Breathe Pilates or BASI enough … 5 Stars plus!” Cáit H

“Tough, extremely professional and detailed course, totally exceeded my expectations in a fantastic way. AMAZING tutors, extremely knowledgeable and inspirational with amazing support not only during the course but ongoing even when you have finished your exams. Also fabulous studio to train and practice in. My only regret would be that I did not train with BASI earlier!” Therese M