“Stephanie is an incredible educator with very strong delivery of information. The course was wonderfully comprehensive. The content will enable me to expand upon my teaching repertoire with ‘why’ in mind. The understanding of the myofascial systems will enhance my teaching ability and improve movement in my clients.” Susie M

“Absolutely fantastic in every way. Stephanie is an encyclopedia of knowledge and created a very supportive learning environment and is so inspiring, thank you! It’s an extremely rich course and I learnt so much!” Bridgid S

“I enjoyed this course very much – it was fascinating. I found it very informative, inspiring, teaching to parts of the body that require releasing to achieve stability to better ranges of movement.
I learnt a new skill set to practice for myself in my own practice before incorporating it into my own classes to benefit my clients.” Marie T

“Stephanie is very knowledgeable, informative and very passionate. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Great to add a new outlook on how movement is key!” Sara E

“Fun, incredibly informative course. I feel that the course has helped me understand the function of the lines so so much and filled in a lot of gaps in knowledge I had previously. There is so much I will take from this course – one thing is incorporating the principle of glide influencing movement in the movements I teach.” Fredereka J

“Amazing and life changing – physiologically and interospectively!
Stephanie is exceptionally knowledgeable but also professional.
The most informative, fun, engaging and stimulating course and master class I have ever taken.” Amanda C

“Excellent delivery,pace and clarity so good Stephanie has such a depth of knowledge and imparts it in such a clear and personable way.
Can be applied to so many disciplines and age groups – I want to do more!” Ann C

“Stephanie was an excellent teacher with an excellent grasp of her subject. Very professionally presented, clear and articulate instruction, good knowledge of subject. This course is a game changer for me, it will inform my body work instruction and add another layer / thread of body awareness for my clients.” Deirdre H

“in my work previously , I would have focussed more on muscular type training on specific areas of the body and this course is giving me skills to interpret how the body moves in a more holistic, connected, dynamic way and then to rehabilitate and enhance movement patterns with this in mind. Intuitively I would have known it was necessary to go this way, but I didn’t really have the theory framework. The course is very structured which I like and makes it easier to read over and assimilate course material after the course. It is evidence informed and experience based, which I also works for me to” feel” the actual movement concepts.” Catherine C (Slings Essentials & Slings in Motion I)

“An amazing course – so many lightbulb moments and a great introduction to the world fo fascia. I had Mumu for all three courses and she is amazing. Great energy, clarity, knowledge and fun.
It is incredibly informative and gives great depth of understanding to the the Anatomy Trains concept. There is still so much to learn but the courses give you the tools for self education and exploration.” Sarah G (Slings Essentials & Slings in Motion I)