“I’ve always done some type of exercise but when I developed sciatica and nerve damage in my lower back it limited me to literally no exercise. I was taking painkillers and anti-inflammatory tablets for about 2 years. My Doctor recommended I try Pilates. I joined up and I’ve just completed my 7th session. Most of my classes were with Mariapia who I can’t praise enough……she has helped and guided me so much and I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my posture and core strength. But most importantly I have not taken any painkillers or anti-inflammatory tablets in about 3 weeks. I feel Pilates has given me back my life and most importantly it has allowed me to return to exercise basically free from pain. Mariapia provided me with a home program (half an hour) which I make time to do every day. All the instructors are extremely accomplished tutors and I can’t highly recommend the team enough…….keep up the good work!” Valerie B, June 2015