“I started doing Pilates as a recommendation of my osteopath clinician. I have childhood scoliosis which requires constant maintenance and exercise. Usual routine exercise and gym classes do not suit me as a always end up having pain because of my back. I started attending classes with Live & Breathe in 2016 and since then, my life changed for the best. I reclaimed my exercise independence, I did not have to attend physio and osteopath sessions so often anymore and I gained control of my back and body back. I am such a happier person, my scoliosis condition is now more of a feature of my body than a burden, I feel with Pilates I can be healthy again. I have no words of gratitude for Steph and her team. After over 100 classes fear of back pain has vanished from my life. And what a posture I gained. Thank you!” Ana C, April 2018