Meredith Rogers – Dublin, June 2017

Meredith Rogers returns to be with us in Dublin this June 2017. Meredith RogersMeredith is BASI Pilates Faculty and teaches their courses and workshops worldwide.

She is also well known for her fantastic classes on Pilates Anytime.

Meredith is back to provide both workshops and Masterclasses and a Marathon Mat Class for us over the weekend 23rd – 25th June 2017. She will be available for limited one to one sessions also. Contact us if interested in booking a one to one.

Workshop Content

The Art of Cueing

This BASI Pilates workshop will focus on one of the fundamentals of all teaching skills “cueing”. It is in fact this basic ingredient that sets the stage for all communication between the teacher and the student. Communication demands great skill as information must be conveyed, received and integrated in a very short amount of time to bring about desired results. Good cueing should be the basis of any skilled teaching session and directly relates to the methodology of the Pilates method as a whole.

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Optimising Shoulder Mechanics with Pilates

This second BASI Pilates workshop will focus on the correct mechanics of the shoulder girdle – particularly relating to the Pilates repertoire. Immaculate control and sequencing of movement are essential in this method. Higher level Pilates challenges, coupled with everyday activities demanding shoulder involvement, can easily create negative movement patterns and compensations. Poor shoulder stability, mobility and correct patterning of movements are commonly encountered amongst clients. This subject is one that needs to be addressed as its implications are far reaching.

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Meredith will be teaching two one hour Masterclasses while she is with us.
The Saturday and Sunday Masterclasses are included free of charge if you are attending both of the weekend workshops.
Masterclasses are open to certified instructors only.

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Marathon Mat

Meredith will also be hosting a BASI Pilates signature 2 Hour Marathon Mat class on Friday 23rd.

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The workshops are suited for instructors of all backgrounds / schools – you do not need to be BASI trained to attend Workshops, Masterclasses or Marathon Mat.

Masterclasses are open to all instructors, you do not have to attend the workshops – though of course we suggest you do! No injuries please.


The Art of Cueing

Saturday 1 – 6pm

Optimising Shoulder Mechanics with Pilates

Sunday 10am – 3pm

Marathon Mat

Friday 5:30pm – 7:30pm


Saturday 11:30am – 12:30pm
Sunday 3:30pm – 4:30pm


Workshops are €269 each.
Masterclasses are €25 each or free if you book both workshops.
Marathon Mat is €40.

About Your Instructor

Born in the mountains of Lake Tahoe, Nevada, Meredith Rogers has been Meredith Reformerpassionate about all things athletic since early childhood. Competitive participation in downhill skiing and soccer led to her discovery of Pilates about twelve years ago, while rehabilitating a knee injury.

She studied with, and was accredited by, BASI Pilates and subsequently joined the BASI Faculty, on behalf of which, she has travelled extensively within the United States, as well as to such exotic destinations as Australia, Japan and China. She relishes the opportunities she has to share her love of the Pilates method and the BASI technique with students all over the globe.

Meredith is currently a resident of Santa Barbara, California, where she has been teaching at La Playa Pilates and Wellness centre since its origin in 2002. Throughout her career she has had the opportunity to work with a variety of students ranging from children to teenage athletes, new mothers, clients wishing to enhance specific sports related endeavours and the elderly population.

We recently interviewed Meredith, so you can learn more about what makes her tick here