How old do you really feel?

Joseph Pilates said, “If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old; if it’s completely flexible at 60, you are young“. How right he was.

We teach a few Fit for Life classes which are for more mature clients every week. Clients range in age from their mid 50s to their mid 80s.Movement And I’m really blown away every time I work with them.

Time and again I see older clients starting new exercise regimes in their 50, 60s and 70s, keen to get fit, stay flexible and keep themselves injury free. They are open to new possibilities, new challenges and are delighted to be active and moving. They come diligently every week and practice at home too.

I don’t always see that with younger generations. Many only get to move no more than is required to get them to work and back, collect the kids, get dinner and get to bed with no thought of looking after their bodies.

If we thought about it and realised that the time we take to exercise is time for ourselves, to keep the joints oiled, the spine flexible and the body strong, might we take the time to get moving? Every system in our bodies relies on movement for proper function. If we don’t move, we get stiffer, tighter and most probably grumpier.

Less movement means less endorphins – the natural chemicals in your body that make you feel better. We’re stuck at our desks, or on the car or in the same positions for long periods of time so we get stiffer and tighter.

A wise Abraham Lincoln said “It’s not the years in your life, it’s the life in your years”. How true.  If you don’t take action now, how’s that going to affect your quality of life later on?

Movement is life and if our Pilates taking, Tai Chi practising, hill walking, dancing, tennis playing Fit for Life classes are that active, why aren’t you? (and no, they’re not all retired, some of them are full time carers, work full time, mind grand kids etc).

It’s time to get off the couch, get moving and get yourself feeling great this spring. You DO have the time – and it’s time to reclaim it for your long suffering body! And it’s never too late either if this wonderful lady is anything to go by!

“I must be right. Never an aspirin. Never injured a day in my life. The whole country, the whole world, should be doing my exercises. They’d be happier.”Joseph Pilates, 1965, age 86.

Note: Our Fit for Life Pilates classes are modified to ensure safety and to take into account conditions such as osteoporosis, arthritis, hip or knee replacements etc. Group classes are not always suitable for everyone, so get in touch to discuss your requirements.

If you are new to our studio you can avail of our Introductory Offer and get your first two classes for €25. We also offer discounted 5, 10, 20 and 50 class passes.