Rebecca Leone July 2012

In July 2012 we brought Rebecca Leone to the studio from the US. Steph first heard of Rebecca online and subsequently has attended many of her workshops as well as completing her Pilates Excel program for instructors (highly recommended by the way!).

Rebecca ran some amazing workshops for teachers and some revelational developmental private sessions. We also ran some masterclasses which were open to clients and instructors which were great fun and educational too. You can see a gallery of photos on our Facebook page here

We hope to welcome Rebecca back again at some stage in the future. Stay tuned for news!

Master Classes 

Master Classes are appropriate for all experienced Pilates clients and teachers of all lineages and experience levels. All are welcome!

“Basically Advanced” Master Class, Friday, July 27, 2012 

If you teach or perform a lot of matwork, you know how difficult it is to keep class fresh, exciting and challenging. Come to this “Basically Advanced Master Class” and learn adaptations, challenges and variations on the historic basic matwork exercises that are a great way to keep class interesting and your loyal mat following excited about each and every class.

“Apparatus Mat” Master Class #2 Friday, July 27, 2012 

In this class, we’ll repurpose exercises originally designed to be performed on Pilates apparatus and set them free in the open-chain environment of the mat where the Contrology challenge is much greater. You’ll think differently about every piece of movement within the repertoire once you experience how easy it is to adapt the same choreography from one environment into another.


Are your group classes consistently full of committed clients who are progressing through the repertoire and who are, in class, able to solve their performance and alignment problems? If not, come to Dublin and they will be.

To be a successful group teacher, you’ve got to be able to teach safely, problem solve AND kick ass in groups, otherwise there is no benefit in the format for the client, for the teacher or for the studio. Period.

The Dublin Workshops teach you how to set up your group classes, control them and consequently develop them into monster revenue hours.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Screening, Prepping & Problem Solving for Mixed Level Groups 

Description: Is your teaching schedule sprinkled with group classes that are half full of the very clients who shouldn’t be in them and the other half are clients who are perpetually stuck under a low performance threshold – they haven’t progressed at all or have progressed very little?

That’s a classic Catch 22 because if clients are not appropriate for the class or if they are not able to competently self-direct proper performance of the exercises, they won’t improve and if they don’t improve they don’t commit to the class and if they don’t commit to the class, they don’t come regularly and when they don’t come regularly, your classes aren’t predictably full and if when your classes aren’t predictably full, you’re not capitalizing on the revenue boost that group classes are expected to reliably deliver. That entire lousy cycle beings with clients being inadequately prepared for the group class experience.

This workshop eliminates that cycle.

You’ll learn to screen clients to determine their appropriateness to join a mixed level class. If they are appropriate to join the class, you’ll learn how to prepare them to jump into an already established mixed level class. If the client is not appropriate for the class, you’ll learn ways to still serve them at the same spending level that they were prepared to offer had they been appropriate for the class.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Equalizing the Challenge Across Mixed Level Group Classes 

Description: Every client in class has a unique safe challenge level and by teaching the same exercise the same way to everyone, you are most likely unsafely over-challenging the majority and under-challenging the minority.

In this workshop, you’ll learn ways to equalize the challenge across all ability level within commonly taught equipment and Mat exercises plus you’ll learn to unify your group classes so everyone, regardless of ability level, is performing the same exercises at the same time. These elements are key to helping your group class clientele progress, commit and make you the revenue star of the studio.

This workshop brings safety and teaching sanity to your group classes and will bring about serious commitment and progress on the part of your group class clients.

You find her website here and her Vimeo FREE video site here