Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Complimentary Consultations for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month –

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, and as part of our Pink Ribbon Program, Pink Ribbon Programare offering free consultations to anyone looking to get back into exercise following breast cancer treatment and wondering where to start.

The goal of the Pink Ribbon Pilates program is to empower women and provide them with additional aids for recovery from their surgery whether they have had a lumpectomy, a full mastectomy or something in between.
During the consultation, we will take measurements to assess your range of movement, show you how to progressively stretch and strengthen your shoulders, chest and back to start to regain full range of movement and reduce risk of lymphoedema. We will also advise you on next steps to help you safely return to exercise.

Pink Ribbon Pilates Ireland is a collaboration between Reform Pilates in Blackrock and Live & Breathe Pilates in Dublin 8.
Both Dublin based studios studios are focused on ensuring Pinkribbonpilates.iethat their clients are comfortable, work out safely and improve their mobility, fitness and strength safely – thus enabling them to get back to their day to day activities faster and with more ease.

We work with women of all ages, from all walks of life to design programs they can work on in the studio, but also at home. We provide a follow up program with books and DVDs for all participants who complete the full program.

If you’d like to book in for a consultation please call Anna on 087 951 8097 or email [email protected] (for Blackrock) or Steph on 01 5549710 or email [email protected] (for Dublin city centre).

“I started Pilates classes at Reform to improve my tennis game many years after my surgery. I felt that I needed more flexibility especially in my hips and legs. I was amazed when I started to notice a difference in how my chest and shoulder felt. I never thought I would regain movement and strength in that area. I would highly recommend the classes at Reform, they are small and personal, exactly what I needed”
– Sally Anne

“I had been doing Pilates with Steph in Live & Breathe Pilates for 5 years when I heard the two little words women dread to hear. Breast cancer. I had a mastectomy in January 2014 and the care I got from the medical profession was marvellous. But it is time specific. Sooner or later you have to deal with the new reality on your own.

Or in fact not on your own. Once I got the green light from the doctors [about six weeks post surgery] I started coming to Steph for half hour one on one sessions. We took things slowly. I had complete trust in her. Gradually I got the full range of movement back in my arm, shoulder and side. The Pilates gave me confidence. I felt I was in control of my own healing process and I am sure that had a big impact of how I deal emotionally with my new body.
Coming to the studio was the best decision I could have made. The professionalism and the kindness of the instructors at the studio made a huge difference to my recovery. I can’t recommend them too highly”
– Melissa M

This October program is part of the #feelgreatinD8 Feel Great in Dublin initiative.