Feel Great in Dublin 8

As proud business owners and residents of Dublin 8 for the past 25 years, we’re delighted to see our neighbourhood and community be injected with a new lease of life recently. We’ve seen the changes firsthand, and the massive increase in popularity in the area. There are so many cranes on the skyline!

With change comes uncertainty though. We know change can mean additional stress or anxiety Feel Great in Dublin 8for people. Increased rents, stressful jobs, managing home life and work and getting through everything that life throws at us can be a challenge.

We have always had a focus on helping people in our studio and we have mainly done this through Pilates and movement in the past. However, the more we teach and the more we deal with people the more we realise that there is a mental health aspect to what we do too.

Time and again we see clients who are at very stressful points in their lives coming into us with increased back pain, more tension in their bodies and an inability to let go of that tension.

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