Pilates for Injuries & Pathologies

Live & Breathe Pilates are delighted to announce that we are hosting Pilates for Injuries & Pathologies in our studio in Dublin in 18th – 20th October 2019.

This three-day certificate course presents a Physical Therapy approach to working with Sam Wood Pilates for Injuries and Pathologiesclients who have injuries, physical limitations, or movement dysfunctions. Focusing primarily on the cervical and lumbar spine, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and foot, the course covers functional anatomy, biomechanics and a review of current literature. Specific injuries and pathologies, such as disc disease, post-surgical conditions, rotator cuff syndrome, tendinopathies and osteoarthritis, are examined. Students learn about precautions and/or contraindications for these conditions, as well as exercise options and modifications to the original BASI Pilates repertoire. Course participants learn safe ways to work with clients who suffer from some of the most commonly encountered pathologies and injuries, via lectures, discussions, demonstrations and practice.

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