Deep Sleep Yoga

Deep Sleep Yoga is a 5 step program specially designed for those who have sleep issues, insomnia or Deep Sleep Yogadisturbed sleep. It is also an incredibly relaxing workshop, helping sooth frayed frayed nerves and showing you how to soothe your anxious, busy mind.

So much more than what an ordinary Yoga class can offer, it was created by Deirdre O’Connor, Yoga Dip, CST-T, drawing on her 20+ years of working with clients, and teaching them how to turn their ‘on’ button to ‘off’. The first workshop will run on Sunday 8th of March from 2:30 – 5:00pm.

In the workshop you will learn and use;
• Restful, soothing and calming yoga
• Breath work to help de-stimulate your amped up nervous system
• Yoga Therapy balls for pain relief
• Soft weighted yoga bags – the ultimate tools to slow busy minds
• Yoga Nidra inducing deep rest
• Various tools and techniques to help you sleep

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