Rebecca Leone – The Nun Returns

Live & Breathe Pilates are delighted to announce Rebecca Leone‘s return to Dublin in Rebecca Leone Head ShotFebruary 2017. It’s been three years since she’s been here and we’re super excited to have her back with us.

We are running three days of masterclasses and teacher training from Friday 10th to Sunday 12th of February, 2017.

Rebecca has a unique teaching style that will keep you laughing through the challenges she throws at you, whilst addressing the seriousness of spine safety.

Workshops are open to all instructors and interested clients and her Masterclass Practicals are open to experienced clients and instructors alike.

Course Content – Workshops

Align, Engage & Go!

Friday 10th of February 2 – 5pm
Whether it’s our body weight alone, or we add to it a functional task like pulling a suitcase around or carrying a babe-in-arms, the strength and endurance of the muscles that stabilise and mobilise our joints are essential to our safety. In this revelatory 3 hour educational “big bang,” learn direct-to-market, mixed-level-group teaching techniques that produce unequivocally visible and sensational joint stability.

Finding Failure Stability Challenge | Full Studio Edition

Saturday 11th of February 11:30 – 5:30pm
Sunday 12th of February 11:30 – 5:30pm

Building on the stability base we learned in Align, Engage & Go, we stand you, supine you, prone you, hip flex you and plank you – then load you with springs and straps and bands and balls – to explore the challenge-point of where your current stability and strength ends and where the frontier of new strength begins. Without calibrating to that all important “finding failure” threshold, you’re not building strength, you’re moving for movement’s sake.

When we get on equipment, it will be to practice series of classical exercises that are 100% transferable to the everyday function of sit/stand and walking. In that way, Reformer is irrelevant because teaching safe, stable movement transcends the equipment. The same applies to any work we practice on Cadillac or Chair.

Rebecca promises if you take the course you’ll not be for a moment concerned about any piece of equipment we use because she’s teaching beyond it, through it, outside of it. Teaching this way, equipment is irrelevant, just like the suit case is irrelevant, or a case of water is irrelevant; it’s all just a challenge to our ability to hold ourselves together.

In this course, you’ll learn how to hold yourself together, and cue it in others, and then how to challenge that safe stable base to build strength in it.

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Course Content – Masterclasses

Masterclass Practicals

Friday 10th of February 5:30 – 7pm
Saturday 11th of February 6:00 – 7:30pm

In these 90 minute Masterclass Practicals, from the first move to the last it’s

  • 100% Pilates
  • 100% Spine Safe
  • 100% Functional
  • 100% Strengthening

All clients and teachers, all lineages & experience levels are WELCOME!

Yes, it will be filmed & yes, you’ll receive access to the video.

Master Classes are appropriate for all experienced clients and teachers of all lineages and experience levels. No acute pain or injuries please.

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Students from all certifications are welcome.

Experienced clients are also welcome to attend workshops.

Masterclass Practicals

Open to instructors and experienced clients.


Rebecca’s workshops will be taught over three days on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10th – 12th February 2017. Masterclasses follow directly after workshops.


Workshops are booked directly with Rebecca, contact her via the link above.

Workshop Bundle
$450 before December 15
$500 December 16 – Jan 15
$550 Jan 16 & after

Per Workshop
Friday $150
Saturday $275
Sunday $275

Masterclass Practicals
€35 for 90 Minutes

Masterclasses are bookable via our website.

Cancellations are subject to an administration fee of €25. Course fees are non-refundable within one month of the course start date.

About Your Instructor

In her own words…..In case you don’t know me, allow me to introduce myself. I am a Pilates pioneer. I am an itinerant teacher for hire. I am an agent of change. I am the first educator in the US to teach business development, the first in the world to launch an after-market “post graduate” Rebecca Leone Dublineducational program that strategically fills the educational gaps of comprehensively trained teachers, I was first to provide customized curriculum and exclusive access to cadaver anatomy, the first and only to develop and freely share protocols to achieve idealized alignment and solve common performance problems, the first and only to pursue the establishment of an independent safety standard credential.

I am the first to launch a career as a Pilates educator by creating 100% unique content, by creating a unique solo brand, without school affiliation, without association with any other teacher or teachers, and without the support or guidance of any other entity either within or outside of the Pilates industry. Rebecca Leone DublinI am a self-made man! And my work has withstood tremendous professional-grade scrutiny. No other Pilates educator’s work has been vetted and scrutinized like mine; since 2005 I have taught side by side with medical school anatomy professors and my work has been approved by them. A medical school anatomy professor in whose cadaver lab I teach had this to say about my work: “100% accurate, no bullshit.”

Unlike any other Pilates educator, I film my courses and give the video to every attendee, I am available for ongoing support for free, and I teach for free every month on my private Facebook group, Rebecca Leone Safe Spine Teachers Cooperative, where all proven safe teachers are welcome, regardless of lineage, experience level or whether or not I have ever worked with them.

I am a 2nd generation Classical teacher, I completed my Classical Pilates training in 2001 from Romana Kryzanowska, a protégé of Joe Pilates, and I am certified by the University of Washington in Sports Medicine and Human Performance. I was Plates Method Alliance Gold Certified (which means I passed the exam prior to the study guide being published) and I’ve served on the PMA Board of Directors. I began teaching workshops on problem solving in the US in 2003 and internationally in 2007. Although I teach all over the world, my European headquarters are in Torino, Italy and my US headquarters are in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Since 2007, I’ve written for on-line and international print magazines. My December 2011 article on Safe Spine Teaching Technique in Pilates Style magazine generated more reader feedback than any other article the magazine had run, to date. I am the creator and author of the free educational website and I have educational video websites, &, containing a wide variety of free and on-demand classes and lectures.

Committed to improving safety in the industry and beyond, I am currently fundraising for the creation of a spine safety 3rd party standards exam. My mission in the Pilates industry is to complete Joe’s mission – to make his work accessible to and understood by all – and to use my work to bring people to his. Prior to entering the Pilates industry, I was a legal assistant, freelance business consultant, and recreational athlete.