Bev Porrino: Be Activated – Stronger Within

Developed in South Africa by Physiotherapist Douglas Heel, Be Activated is an incredible technique that identifies how, why and where our bodies Bev Be Activateddevelop compensation patterns. It then interrupts poor neuromuscular patterns and delivers a systematic method to reawaken muscles that have become confused and switched off.

The technique is used by pro athletes, fitness professionals, sports coaches and therapists worldwide. It has a strong mind, body connection and can be adapted for any type of movement based activity.  Be Activated improves breathing, it can quickly break common patterns of movement dysfunction which is crucial for injury prevention and muscle imbalances.

Join us for a two hour workshop on Saturday 9th of September 2018 at 2pm with Bev Porrino, with a specific focus on how Pilates and movement teachers can use Be Activated to look at muscle usage patterns.

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Be Activated – Stronger Within Workshop

We will look at a number of standard Pilates exercises and examine how to spot incorrect muscle recruitment patterns.  We will then learn and practise a few ‘reflexive activation points’. and compare the difference before and after intervention.

You will learn:

• How clever the body is at adapting and compensating to it’s environment and stimulus
• Correct muscle firing and sequencing.
• The difference between diaphragmatic and thoracic breathing and how the two affect movement, strength & resilience.
• A short Self-Activation sequence to practice on yourself.


2 hours


This workshop is €30


This workshop is aimed at Pilates and movement teachers.

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About Your Instructor

Bev Porrino

Bev Porrino

Bev has worked in health and wellness for over 30 years. She trained as a nurse in her early 20’s.

She has designed and delivered courses in stress management, strength training, yoga and Pilates in addition to owning a yoga studio in Amsterdam.

She currently teaches yoga, is a Neuromuscular Therapist and Be activated Practitioner and helps people to reconnect with their bodies by reframing their stories and by switching on muscles that have become confused or dormant.