“After emergency lumber spinal surgery in 2019, months of chronic back pain and restricted mobility followed. Once cleared by the surgeons I began Physio and Physio led Pilates. They helped but I was still struggling – a simple thing like standing up was a problem. Painkillers, anti inflammatories and a back brace were often used to get me through the day.

In Feb 2020 my Physio recommended Live & Breathe Pilates and things began to change. I signed up for individual sessions and after my first couple of sessions I noticed getting out of bed was becoming less of a struggle.

Then Covid-19 struck and we moved to Zoom. I wasn’t sure if this would suit me but I decided to stick with it. So every Saturday morning, armed with my myofascial balls, Pilates mat and laptop, I would get to work. And wow, did it make a difference. I could feel myself getting stronger as each week passed. Within a couple of months, I realised I was no longer bent over after standing up and I hadn’t taken any medication since early March.

My Physio and surgeon commented on my improvement too. They’d seen me struggle even though I followed their rehabilitation programmes. They were delighted with my improvement and commented I was one of few people who became more mobile during lockdown!

There are lots of fab instructors at Live & Breathe Pilates. But I have to call out my instructor Therese Meaney, who I can’t praise or thank enough. She is amazing and a natural teacher. Her positivity, patience and ability to confidently deal with my complex back issues have got me to where I am today – pain free, mobile, standing straight and stronger. Thank you Therese!.” Cath F, November 2020