Stability Cushion




Our Stability Cushion is an ideal tool for improving balance and posture; you can kneel on the cushion whilst exercising to improve core strength or you can sit on it to tone abdominal muscles whilst sitting at your desk.

As the cushion is fundamentally unstable, simply sitting on it keeps your back muscles working and your postural reflexes stimulated – effectively keeping you exercising whilst seated! If you are using the stability cushion on a chair, we recommend you use the cushion for 15-30 minutes at a time, repeating at regular intervals during the day. Adjust the amount of air in the cushion to increase or decrease the level of instabilty to suit. This cushion has one side fitted with nodules for massage and sensory work as well as providing extra grip when used for posture work. The other side is smooth with small anti-slip dots, which some may find more comfortable when used as a seat. The cushion has a slightly sloping edge, which reduces the surface area in contact with the user, increasing the degree of work required to maintain the correct posture and thereby enhancing the benefit of using the stability cushion.

  • Material: Phthalate & latex free PVC
  • Colour: Graphite
  • Dimensions: 35cm (DIA)
  • Weight: 200g