Our Top 5 Tips for Barre Blitz

Here are our Top 5 tips from Katrin to get the most out of your Barre Blitz Classes in the studio.

1) You will sweat in Barre

To avoid cramps and lack of concentration, Screen-Shot-2017-01-09-at-13.24.56-300x180have some water before class and throughout the class. We have a water fountain in the entrance area – bring a bottle and we can cut down the waste of plastic cups! 2 to 3 percent fluid loss equates to about 10 to 15 percent decrease in strength and endurance, so I encourage you throughout class to have a sip!

2) Check yourself before you wreck yourself

If you don’t feel your best self strength wise before class, take it down a notch and concentrate on perfecting your technique – you might hear me talk about ‘beauty training’ in class (I learned that from my late ballet teacher Erika!). Although Barre is a high energy class, work within your limits to not injure yourself.

3) Work on maximising lengthBarre Blitz

Each time you stretch your leg to lift it off the floor, create that beautiful engagement and imagined line – lift your knee cap, reach out of your hip and point those feet to the tips of your toes. If it works for ballerinas, it will work for you too!

4) Enjoy a challenge

In a Barre class, we don’t only work on small, limited pulses that tone your bum and legs, we also include movements that challenge your coordination and full body awareness. At first they seem daunting, but after a couple of classes you will notice, that your coordination improves and you can start working on the movement quality, the musicality (yes, we try to keep up with the beat!) and keeping a relaxed face. New movements = new brain connections

5) Use imagined resistance

Sure we use resistance bands, toning balls, spring tension and over balls, but imagining you move through wet concrete or peanut butter often creates enough resistance to tone arms and legs. It improves movement quality – you look more graceful than waving your arms around just for the sake of it. Creating a bit of imagined resistance for a movement gives it intention and better flow.

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