End of Year Newsletter 2012

News Time! Not sure how it’s December already, but Christmas is nearly here and the days are getting shorter….not for long though, December 21st sees the shortest day of the year and then we’re on the way back to better weather and longer days.  So now’s the time to do something good for your health and fitness – book some New Year courses – get fit, get strong, get flexible with Live & Breathe Pilates!  We have lots of new classes so there’s something there for everyone!

Group Reformer Beginner Intro Classes Weds @ 8pm January ’13

The Reformer is a fantastically adaptable piece of equipment which will challenge the strong and strengthen the weak. The beginner classes are for those who are new to Pilates equipment sessions.
This group class has a maximum of seven participants so we can keep a close eye on your form and technique as you work out to ensure you get the best possible results from your time in the studio.
It’s a one hour class which introduces you to the Reformer and it’s benefits, how it works and to the essential level exercises.  We are offering these intro sessions to beginners so you can try the Reformer to see if you like it prior to signing up to a course.  So sign up now to try it out – we have a special once off price of €18 for the classes in January 2013, one class per client.
Email us at [email protected] or call 01 5549710 to check availability.

Upcoming Events

We offer lots of classes every week – there’s something for everyone!

Our postnatal Mum & Baby classes are ongoing – Tuesdays at 11am.  No babysitters required!!  Getting back in pre-baby shape can be a challenge, so we have designed a progressive program to help you to reconnect to your abdominals, activate your pelvic floor muscles and then to tone, strengthen and stretch the areas that need it.  You are welcome to bring your baby (up to six months) to class.

Make the most of your lunchtimes – our 45 minute lunchtime classes are now every day of the week – give your body a break from the desk and use your lunchtime to do something good for you!  Get fit, get strong, get flexible!

Over 55′s classes are designed specifically for the older client who wants to be proactive about their health and wellbeing. Classes are Monday and Thursday mornings.

We have a new format workshop at 10:30am on 12th January 2013 – the 90 Minute Blitz – to help you kick off your New Year with a bang and get that Christmas pud / trifle shifted!  It’s a 90 minute session, with 45 minutes on mat and the same on Reformer to really get you moving.  Cost is a special price of just €25 per person and we have a max of 14 places available – so book as soon as you can as we’re already filling up!  Email us to register.

One to one sessions – Whilst there are many benefits to be gained from attending group classes, an ideal way for many people to learn Pilates and develop an exercise program for their individual needs is through private consultation and tuition.  Sessions can include the design of a home exercise program so you can continue your practice outside the studio. You can book 45 or 60 minute sessions and we offer a discount if you pre-book 10 sessions. Contact us for details.

Pilates for Back Pain – Have you suffered from back pain recently?  We know who debilitating it can be and how much it hurts!  Learn how Pilates can help your body address these areas of pain to improve your posture and get you out of the cycle of pain.  Our chartered physio Maggie can assess you and give you an intro on how Pilates can help.  These sessions are open to anyone who is in pain.  We hope we can help by educating you on how day to day activities can affect your posture and your body and how we can counteract that. Why suffer any longer?  Come on down and see how Pilates can help.  Don’t just take our word for it though – check out our testimonials.

We are now offering gift vouchers at all values for those of you who know a Pilates session or course is a worthwhile gift to give or receive.  You can see our brand new updated timetables here.

January and February will also see some other exiting events in the studio – stay tuned for info on our first birthday celebrations on Friday 1st of February as well as for info on other upcoming workshops and events.

And lastly, remember our early bird specials….we offer a 10% discount on all courses booked and paid in full by 14th December 2012 as well as discounts for more than one class per week.

Many thanks for your ongoing support during 2012

Merry Christmas one and all!

Steph and Maggie