Getting to know…Cáit Healy

This is the next in our series of Getting to Know Your Instructor.

Meet Cáit Healy who joined our great team of teachers here at Cáit HealyLive & Breathe Pilates in 2018.

When you were younger what did you want to be when you grew up?
A few things – a nun, a ballerina, a shopkeeper – so far I have only managed one of these careers, but who knows what the future holds.

What inspired you to become a Pilates teacher?
Steph Grey’s casual mention that there was a spare place on the BASI teacher training course was the start and of course all of the amazing teachers I have been lucky enough to have had – including Steph.

What’s your favourite thing about teaching?
The people.

What’s your least favourite thing about teaching?
There is never enough time.

What’s your favourite Pilates exercise? Why? Cáit Healy

Neck Pull and Pelvic Curl – both movements involve every part of the body with some very precise abdominal and articulation work.

What Pilates exercise do you like the least? Why?
Anything that involves trying to get my long legs over my head! Control Balance, Jacknife and Roll Over are ongoing challenges – but it is these challenges that keep Pilates interesting.

Describe your teaching style in less than ten words.
Calm and I hope fun

What are your top tips for a client starting out with Pilates?

1. Keep breathing ?
2. Don’t worry about what other people are doing in class, relax and enjoy your own movement
3. Ask questions – if you don’t understand a cue or a movement just ask – that’s why we are here .

What are your top tips for clients on progressing their Pilates practice?
1. Build a daily practice – even 5 minutes in the morning or evening can make a difference – soon it becomes part of you.
2. Bring what you learn in Pilates class into your daily life – notice how you sit on the couch or at your desk or how you stand at the bus stop – can you make yourself a little more aligned ?
3. Add new challenges. Try out some of our workshops or Studio classes. If you are a Reformer person try out a mat class and if you are a mat person try a Reformer class!

Who is someone who inspires you? Why?
Clara Pilates – she worked quietly in the background to nurture the Pilates movement.

When you’re not teaching what do you like to do? 
I listen to a lot of podcasts Rich Roll, The Barefoot Podiatrist and You must Remember This are current favourites

Tell us one thing we might not know about you.
I’m from Cork (some say the real capital) and I lived in Russia for 6 years.

Cáit is available for one to ones as well as teaching regular group classes in our studio.